Thankful for #40

The seizure and bronchitis are in the past now.  Time to focus on the blessings of this past week with Friday's Fave Five.

1. My husband comes home tonight.  He has been in Texas all week with his work.  It has been a hard week, but it is nearly over.

2.  Thoughtful friends and family.  This week we received some mail from various grandparents which brightened our days.  A family came over to visit us-complete with a meal-and the kids had some "man time" rough-housing with my friend's husband.  Others checked in with us.

3.  Thanksgiving plans.  We are hopeful to go to northeastern PA for part of that weekend.

4. A house.  My mom lost her home in the flooding of September 2011.  (Many of her neighbors were condemned...)  My mom and stepdad gutted their home as soon as it was safe for them to be inside it.  Since then, they have been rebuilding as much as finances allow.  They are hopeful to move in next weekend, and we hope to be able to celebrate Thanksgiving with them in the new house.  It will not be complete, but livable, when they move in.

5. My husband usually works locally and has predictable hours.  My husband only has to go away overnight 1-3 times a year.  I also am grateful that his working hours are predictable.  Though he leaves before 5 a.m., he is home by 5 p.m., and he has every other Friday off.

Bonus: A tad bit of Christmas shopping completed locally.  (Just three people, but still...)

Fond thoughts of summer....
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What was the best part of your week?
~ Annette {This Simple Mom}


  1. How terrible loosing a house in flooding ! It could never happen where I live, but I can imagine that it is terrible being without home and starting everything all over again. At least your week was good.

  2. How awful to lose one's home. I'm glad it is finally liveable again and that you'll be able to spend Thanksgiving there.

    It's hard when dad's away but I'm glad he doesn't have to stay away overnight much and that you had some friends over in the meantime.

  3. Oh, ok. For a second there I thought you had the pool out this week! :D

    That does indeed sound like something of a hard week. I'm glad Derek is on his way home!

    Wow, now I thought the fire at our house was bad but we were moved back in in two months! Your mom has had QUITE the journey! I bet that they will be SO GLAD to be able to move back in! SO glad!

  4. I can relate to the hubby traveling thing! Mine did it often.....when I was pregnant with our youngest he worked in Italy (designing the computer system for the Disney Magic Cruise ship) for FIVE Months!! UGH...and the year before that, when my oldest was just 4 yrs old (I wasn't working) he spent 4 months in England with his job. Now he only has to travel within the US and only about 4 times a year, thankfully! But GOD IS GOOD isn't He?? He somehow gets us through it! I hope you have a wonderful THanksgiving celebrating your mom's new home!

  5. Wonderful to have your family back together again! And that you are all better health-wise. Must be such a relief for your mom and stepdad to be able to move into their own home again. And just in time for the holidays!

  6. How nice that your mother and step-father will be back in their own home again!!

  7. I can't imagine the difficulty and hard work your mom has had to do to rebuild her home. What a joy it will be to celebrate with them this week!

  8. I'm sorry your parents went through that awful hardship of losing their home. How exciting that they will be able to move in their new one by Thanksgiving!

    What a blessing to have others checking on you and caring for you guys while your man of the house is away!


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