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I love all things personalized.  Consider my name-Annette.  As a child, I knew no one with my name.  Nor did I have anything personalized like pencils or magnets as a child.

Fast forward to my grown-up years.  I occasionally hear my name, though I have never met an Annette younger than myself...or even within a few years of my own age.  Thanks to Charmin, my married name, Whipple, is rather well-known.  (Do you know what I'm referring to??)

With all that said, I love personalized items.  I've made a few.
If you are looking for grown-up personalized items, I happen to adore our personalized coat rack and key hook from American Personalized Products.   The coat hooks, in particular, add much-needed personality to our entryway.  (If you shop through that link or the link in the sidebar, I do earn a commission as an affiliate.  I only became an affiliate because I love the two items we have.  Just about every guest in our home comments on these items, and I still smile when I see them.)
As a paper and stationary lover, I also like Plum Paper's line of personalized paper products at really reasonable prices.  I should mention that they have some non-paper items like iPad covers, too.  This Simple Home will have a giveaway, soon!  (Take 10% off your order by using SIMPLE10 as your coupon code!  I'm not an affiliate, just like their products.)
What is your favorite personalized item?  Was it a gift or your own purchase/creation?

~ Annette {This Simple Mom}

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