Harvest of Rubies, by Tessa Afshar

Harvest of RubiesSarah, a poor scribe's daughter, finds her worth in pleasing others with her abilities and skills.  Upon her twelfth birthday, her father learns of her ability to read and is thankful to finally connect with him.  He continues her training, and eventually she finds herself the Queen's scribe.

This poor girl favored by the queen finds herself with an opportunity in which she cannot say no.  She'll live to regret her own stubborn behavior during the event, but not before damage is caused to those she cares for.

This is a book that may have you examining your own motives and considering where you find your worth in a book filled with intriguing characters and story.

(I know I am not saying too much about the plot.  I don't want to say too much...just know it was great!)

Harvest of Rubies is a beautiful book written by Tessa Afshar.  Considered biblical fiction, I appreciate how Tessa creates fictional characters who almost live and breathe in the daily lives of known history and historical figures.  She doesn't rewrite the Bible, but creates believable characters on their own faith journey.

Just like Pearl in the Sand (linked to review), I also highly recommend Harvest of Rubies-even for, or especially for, those of you who don't typically read biblical fiction!

Thank you, Moody Publishers for providing this book for review purposes.

~ Annette {This Simple Mom}

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  1. I LOVED Pearls in the Sand. I'll have to check this one out too.


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