Favorites (with Pictures of Kids)

Last Friday I was out of town with limited internet, so I will see about coming up with ten favorites this week instead of just five for Fridays Fave Five.

1. Time off.  I really enjoy when my family doesn't have to go. go. go.
2. Ear infection cleared.  Little Sister (13 months) was still coughing and not eating, so before we traveled for Thanksgiving, we returned to the doctor.  The infection was cleared, and a few days later she began to eat and feel better.
3. A nice trip.  We made the 5 hour trip to visit family on Thanksgiving morning.  We left by 7 a.m. (we are a family of 5, with kids ages 1-6!), and arrived at my dad's house before noon.  The traffic was light and we only needed to stop one time.  The children were wonderful.  (I should not mention the trip home...it was not a "favorite.")
4. Family.  We were able to see much of our family.  I also was able to see a sister and her family that I hadn't seen in two years.  My mom is not in her renovated house yet (from flooding in 9/2011), but there was heat and room for all of us, so we were able to get together there.  Mom made a simple meal and brought it to the house.  The rest of us all helped in some simple way.  I took Chocolate Chip Cookie Pie.  Several asked if it was pumpkin pie from looking at the top.
5. New teeth.  Two days after Little Sister finished her antibiotic for the ear infection she awoke with a runny/icky nose.  I am hoping it is only because she has two three new teeth.  For the record, this makes eight teeth.  Big Sister had zero at 13 months.  Brother had somewhere in between.
6. Edible mess-ups.  On Wednesday I made a Turkey Pot Pie.  I forgot the most important ingredient: turkey.  After it was in the oven, I realized my mistake and cut open the top and added turkey.  It wasn't pretty, but it tasted fine.
7. A new friend.  At preschool drop-off time a woman and I have been getting to know one another at school and through email since October.  We finally had two healthy little ones so she came over to visit this week.  It was a great visit and we look forward to more!
8. Knowing my mistake.  With constant exhaustion from a little one awakening every night, I can feel myself getting a bit depressed.  I know that is just part of it...the bigger part is that I have been neglecting time with God.  Being aware is only the first step though...I do want joy back in my daily life...found through God.
I see myself a bit in this picture...except when did she get a dimpled chin??
9. Enough battery  life.  When we traveled for Thanksgiving, I took my Kindle Fire with me, naturally.  I had been reading my selection for the Reading to Know Book Club, called Jewel of Persia.  With my thoughts/review due today, I was thankful for just enough battery life to finish it upon returning home having forgotten my charger.  For the record, it was a great book, full of history around the time of Queen Esther.  The review will be up later today.  :)
10. It's Friday.  I need it!!
Bonus: Lots of simple nativities found on Pinterest.  I pinned here.    Would love to make some one.  My Jesse Tree is ready to be set out this weekend and our Little People nativity is already available for play...though many pieces have already disappeared.

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~ Annette {This Simple Mom}


  1. Going and going definitely begins to wear on the mind and body. I have to pace myself. If I KNOW I have something on the calendar, I figured out that I need about two days on either side of it. This is weird for me because I like to think I can handle it all but I've discovered (the hard way!!) that I absolutely cannot. I'm still learning how to balance. (What's balance? ;)

    I see the dimple of which you speak on Big Sister's chin!

    Glad y'all were able to have time with your family on Thanksgiving...and that half of the travels went smoothly!

  2. Glad you had good trips and time with loved ones and that everyone is feeling better. It's good to have some down time in there too. It can be easy to let time with God slip when life is so busy but it is so vital for us.

    I don't want to sound self-promotional, but a few years ago I wrote a post specifically about moms with young children trying to have a quiet time. It's here if you feel inclined to check it out: http://barbarah.wordpress.com/2006/09/06/encouragement-for-mothers-of-young-children/

  3. I can so relate to edible mess ups. There was the time I forgot the zucchini in the zucchini bread, the cheese in the loaded baked potato soup, the sausage in the sausage tortellini stew, etc. Unlike you, Annette, I don't usually catch my mistake until we are eating it. So congats on fixing your mistake. I bet it still tasted great even if it wasn't pretty.

    You pinned such cute nativity ideas: the Legos nativity, the one where popsicle sticks framed the drawing the kiddos make of the nativity, and the felt ornament are my faves. And that toddler tree is adorable! I just have to follow you on Pinterest now.

    Praying for a balanced life and joy for you this week, Annette.

  4. I'm glad traveling went well for y'all(at least on the way)! So far, we've been really grateful that Firefly can't seem to stay awake once he's in a vehicle. :)

    Bless your heart! We're two of a kind when it comes to the kitchen. Is it wrong that I find comfort in that? ;)

    That is awesome that you're making new friends with a preschool parent. That's encouraging! Things like that are not easy for me.

    I hope you have a relaxing weekend!

  5. Your kids are beautiful!! Sounds like you had a nice Thanksgiving!!

    A new friend is definitely a blessing!!!

  6. what adorable children!! sooo cute!! Glad your little one is better and yay for new teeth!! A new friend is a total blessing from the Lord, isn't it?? So glad you had a nice Thanksgiving!! that pie looks amazing!! do i have your permission to copy off the recipe??

  7. My goodness that's a lot of teeth! Go little sister! Glad to hear she is on the mend from the ear infection. Your kids are adorable!

    Sounds like it was a wonderful Thanksgiving. I laughed at forgetting the turkey in the turkey pot pie. That is so something I would do! LOL.

  8. I was completely impressed that your family of five made it out the door at 7am. Well done all of you! Your time away sound blessed indeed -- even with enough battery power. Looking forward to your book review.

  9. Oh, I enjoyed your FFF today! Love the kids' pictures -- they seem to really show their personalities. I'm with you on #1 and #3 we had a great trip too), and the last one...and had to smile at your creativity with your "mess up"!

    Have a great week ahead!


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