Christmas Wish Lists

November's arrival means it is time to begin considering Christmas!  First of all, I know that Christmas is not all about gifts.  But somehow almost all of us who celebrate Christmas give gifts to our family members and sometimes even friends in the tradition of the three wise men bringing gifts to Jesus.

Throughout the year I keep a gift list for myself and those who we have the pleasure of gift giving on special occasions such as birthdays and Christmas.  I wanted to share a bit of how I do this with you so you might try it for yourself, if you are so inclined this year.

Everyone!  The gift list should include all of the people you purchase or make gifts for, as well as the people in your own family so you can provide ideas for others when asked.  Don't forget yourself.
Family, friends, co-workers, teachers, neighbors...

Include gift ideas provided to you and write down ideas as they come to you.  (Jimmy loves puzzles and Toy Story.  Mom mentioned she wants a new scarf.  My 4 year old loves this, maybe he will, too.)
Sizes, colors, and hobbies can be listed.  If you purchase gift cards, favorite stores could be included.
Budgets can be recorded by including how much you would like to spend on a person.  After purchases are made you can also record how much was spent.  Include links to products if you shop on-line.
Our gift list is updated each year and throughout the year so we do not need to rely only upon gift lists from others.  (This year I have not done so well in this department...)
You can keep a gift list in a notebook in your purse or create a Word document or Excel document.  I prefer the Excel document and print it before the shopping trip.  By keeping your gifts on the computer, you can easily boldface or change the color of the text once you purchase an item.  It is also easy to update year after year, and I always know where my list is!  By mid-December I begin using bold red text for gifts I still need to purchase.
Some people keep wish lists on-line at a retailer such as Toys R Us or Amazon.
Keeping a gift idea list means that you are shopping with a purpose instead of hoping to come across the right gift.  Gift lists provide you a way to give a gift that is wanted.  It's thoughtful, while being practical.  Keeping a gift list also prevents surprises.  It's never good to realize you are a gift short on Christmas morning.  In the same way, it isn't ideal to have four extra gifts for that easy-to-shop-for person.

How do you keep track of your Christmas giving?

~ Annette {This Simple Mom}

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  1. I SHOULD make a keep a list but I don't.

    I do snatch things up on sale, as I see them, when I think it's a perfect fit for someone. Then, about September, I pull out everything I have and make a mental inventory and start becoming more specific about items that are missing. Then I pull everything out again in November and finish things up.

    So it's A system....just a somewhat chaotic one!


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