Pioneer Dress, Apron, and Sunbonnet

I wanted to provide Big Sister with a pioneer outfit for her Little House birthday party.  Looking around on-line, I found many cute pieces, but they cost more than I wanted to spend on a costume.

Thankfully, my sewing machine has found its home in the basement again.  I poured too many quite a few hours into sewing for this Little House party. 

Please see more photos and details of the pioneer dress, sunbonnet, and apron at Little House Companion.

We turned this pioneer outfit into a Laura Ingalls costume by adding braids!  

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~ Annette {This Simple Mom}


  1. Annette, these look great! I like the whole look of the dress, apron, and bonnet. (Oh, and the purple is so dear - looks so feminine - perfect for a little one!)

  2. The dress, aprons, and bonnets turned out nicely! I like that the aprons are all a little different.

  3. This is so adorably cute.

    I have trouble using elastic thread for necklines too. It works great for sleeves and leggings, but I just have no luck with it for necklines, it always is too big.

  4. That is "satisfying" your daughter wanted to wear her dress for more than just her party. :)

    LOVE the aprons, Annette. They look cute on the girls ans will be a wonderful and useful keepsake. Believe it or not, but I wore my first apron last weekend and I may be hooked on apron wearing. I will be checking out the apron pattern you linked to.


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