My Week #37

It has been a whirlwind of a week.  I must say, I am a bit wiped out.  Our baby 1 year old has been sick, as have I.  Big Sister has been a bit sick, too, though not awful.  (Last Friday Little Sister just had a cold, but by   Tuesday it was considered another sinus infection.  She is feeling better now though-with meds which she hates- as am I.)  On top of illness, we've been partying it up.

1. BIG KIDS.  Our children all celebrated birthdays within one week of one another.  Big Sister is now 6, Brother is 4, and Little Sister is 1!
2. A fun party.  Big Sister had her first friends birthday party.  It was Little House party theme.  (I have posted about several parts of the party, with at least one more to come.  Clicking the link takes you to all of the posts.)
3.  My mother-in-law.  She's always rather wonderful, but she was able to come last week before the party.  She helped me tons to prepare for the party, especially the food!
4. Warm apple cider.  With not feeling so great this week, I haven't had a huge appetite.  I also haven't really wanted to drink much, but thankfully we had some cider.  I would warm it and sip at it.
5. Simple delight.  I really appreciated my children's appreciation of some simple toys on their birthdays.  They already have the "I need that!" mentality when friends or commercials display the next great thing.  But both of the older children enjoyed all of their birthday gifts.

And this might be bad to say, but in this moment, I am very grateful that all birthday celebrations in our home are on hold until January.  VERY.  Having our three children's birthdays all within 7 days is tiring!

How were you blessed this week?  Have a great coming week!

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~ Annette {This Simple Mom}


  1. Yesterday I was thinking that your kids birthdays were all really close together...but wow, 7 days! I bet you are exhausted! Hope you can enjoy a quiet and restful weekend and can get 100% healthy.

  2. I can imagine having three birthdays in a week is exhausting! We have four over two months (I call it "birthday season"), and I'm always glad when the last one is done in mid-September that we don't have any more until February.

    I'm glad your m-i-l was able to come and help and join in the fun.

    I love hot apple cider when I have it out but don't think about having it at home. I should do that.

  3. I always loved having celebrating my kiddos' birthdays, but it was a lot of work. They are now both in their late 20. I cannot imagine have 3 in one week. I am sure you have the extra pressure of making sure all 3 feel special in this one week. Whew!

    Great job mom on helping your children to be content with simple toys. That kind of attitude will take them far in life.

    I hope you and your family, Annette, get well soon.

  4. Praying you all feel better soon! Happy Birthdays all around - yeah!!! We like hot apple cidar too, especially this time of year, yummy.

  5. I hope all of you feel better soon! It's been rotating through the men of the house, but I'm praying it keeps skipping me! :)

    I know the wonderful feeling I get whenever another birthday celebration is over with just 1 at a time, so I can't imagine the joy you're feeling(although it is very bittersweet).

  6. Yikes, three birthdays at once! Glad you survived all that for another year! The party looks like it was so much fun. I've been reading all the posts in my reader. Loved the old fashioned candy store idea!

    Hope you all feel better really soon.

  7. Sorry to hear you're all a little under the weather! Amazing that you have three birthdays to celebrate in seven days. My boys were all born in Jan. and Feb., so that's our "birthday season." LOVE the Little House pictures! Hope you feel better soon.

  8. oooohhhh what a blessing a grandparent is in helping for a birthday party! I can't wait to a.) catch upon your party posts and b.) see what else you have to share!

    You HAVE had a busy, busy last week but by the pictures I HAVE seen, looks like everyone had fun.

  9. Well. If this is how you party when you're not feeling well, I can hardly imagine it when you're 100%! Well done on the prairie themed birthday party. I'm going to sneak over and see what foods you had.

  10. Wow, three birthdays in one week. We have three in two weeks and that was lots of work; I can't imagine condensing all the festivities into one week. But Happy Birthday to them all!

    I hope you continue to feel better and are all heathy soon.


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