My Week #35

Would someone please find my week and return it to me?  The week has been busy, but I don't know what I did to be busy!  It's time for me to count the blessings of the week with Friday's Fave Five.

1. An afternoon with friends.  We spent the hospitality of friends- eating great food and just enjoying their company, on Saturday.

2. My husband's long weekend.  Though Big Sister had school on both Monday and Friday, my husband had both days off from work.  (Brother only attends preschool on TWH mornings, so every weekend is a long weekend for him.)

3. A nice chat with another mom.  Thursday after drop-off at preschool a new friend and I chatted for quite a while.  We've been friendly for more than a year, but it was nice to talk for a longer time and learn more about her.

4. An acorn video.  Watching the acorn split and then grow to a tiny tree in just 8 months...amazing video!  My husband found that video and we all enjoyed it in preparation for some family fun.  (More next week...)

5. Family.  Today is a day of anticipation...some of my family arriving here for a visit and waiting the birth of a brand-new family member.

Last Sunday was also my first time teaching in over a year at church.  I am a former elementary teacher, and I must say-it feels good to teach!  This week I also accomplished some more sewing for the Little House party.  The aprons are easy...the dress cannot be described the same way.  You can join in on the party fun, too.  I have a NINE-BOOK set of Little House OR 2 picture books for a giveaway.  Also up for giveaway is a really great and thorough family devotional called Long Story Short.

What blessing have you seen this week?  Link-up to Friday Fave Five or leave a comment!

~ Annette {This Simple Mom}


  1. Here's our blessings from the week :)

  2. I love long weekends and time spent with friends. It's nice to have an extended chat and get to know other moms in those places we meet.

  3. What a great list, you ought to ask the mom if she'd like to grab a coffee or something. I finally went out of my comfort zone and did that now we are great friends and get together every week.

    Great list! I did mine my plan is to print them off and put them in my journal book.

    Loving the Semi Country Life

    1. I asked her if she'd like to come over...gave her my contact info. When I run into her next week, I'll have a couple days in mind to do it. We both have babies, so coffee out may not be relaxing. Well, not for me!

  4. It sounds like you had a wonderful week of some very special blessings! Yay for teaching at church....what do you teach there? My faves are up and posted.....enjoy your weekend!!!

  5. Well, for a week that just flew by, you certainly had some good times together with family and friends. Checking out that acorn video :-)

  6. :D I like that, to you, it feels good to teach. Clearly you have a gifting in this area!

    I hope you are enjoying your time with the family this weekend!

  7. This year I arranged my schedule so I only teach Wed. and Thurs. It makes those two days very long, but I love my five day weekends :)
    Have a great family weekend!

  8. It's always wonderful to be with good friends, family and find new friends. Sounds like your week was chock full of those blessings.

  9. all in all you had a nice week ! I never teached but I think it must be very compensating.


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