Autumn Tree Crafts

Autumn is a great time for crafts!

 This first one was made last year.  I wish we had used brown construction  paper for the hand/arm, but I still like it.  The children really enjoyed using their fingertips to make the leaves.
I don't typically like abstract, but tried it for these trees.  These are just small cards made with patterned paper for the colorful autumn leaves.

While I made the cards above, my nearly four year old made this autumn tree.  Notice the leaves are falling.  My son loves using our large hole punch!
We borrowed a lot of fall picture books from the library.  I love how they have so many displayed!  The books really brought the "feeling" of fall to us since we will remain pretty green for another week or two here.

What is your favorite fall craft?

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~ Annette {This Simple Mom}


  1. Well, as you can probably already guess - definitely not our family's pounding leaf attempt, lol. The hand and fingers tree is adorable. I like the look of the abstract - I must say I don't usually go for the abstract, either, but these turned out neat. Love how your 4 year old put the leaves in a falling motion! So neat to capture the feel of autumn.

    1. Oh, but the leaf you posted was lovely...just not the others!

  2. I like the Handprint Tree! It's so simple, especially for little ones. Thanks for linking up with Family Fun Friday!


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