What's on My Nightstand?

I've enjoyed my reading this month.  It's time to share what I've read!
What's On Your Nightstand
Something New, by P.G. Wodehouse (pronounced Woodhouse, I hear.)  This was my first Wodehouse book despite great recommendations.  (Honestly, I had tried him before on audio, but the British accents always distract me -or better said, don't hold my attention-, so I couldn't follow it.)  However, I did like this book, though I didn't love it.  A mystery and a tad bit of romance.  Overall, a good book.  (Any recommendations for a different Wodehouse?)

Band of Sisters, by Cathy Gohlke.  Set in the early twentieth century, new immigrants struggle to find their way...but the obstacles may surprise you.  Cathy Gohlke pens a masterful tale and tackles the topic of human trafficking with grace, while showing the evils.  Linked to my complete review.  This was my favorite this month.

Travelers Rest, by Ann Tatlock.  A soldier returns from Iraq completely paralyzed.  His fiance must decide what her future holds.  My favorite character was the elderly doctor...certain that forgiveness could never be his.  This was a good book.

Children's Books (Read for MY enjoyment)
Ella Enchanted (audio), by Gail Carson Levine.  This was an enjoyable tale with fairies and magic.  Ella has an unusual gift: obedience.  The gift isn't as good as it sounds though!

Heidi, by Johanna Spyri.  I was surprised by this one.  I wanted to read it, because I didn't remember the story from my childhood.  It was a very well-written tale-much more than just a sweet girl in the mountains of Switzerland!  I will say it was a tad bit preachy, but I thoroughly enjoyed it!

I'm Outnumbered, by Laura Lee Groves.  This is a great book for any mom with a son.  If you have multiple boys, you should most definitely read it!  I haven't written a complete review yet, but I definitely recommend it for moms of boys!

Since last time, I have also shared complete review for Choosing Gratitude.  Loved it!

I'm in the middle of several books right now and look forward to sharing them next month!
I'm joining in the reading fun over at 5 Minutes for Books!   What was your favorite book this month?  I look forward to reading if you linked up or leave a comment!

~ Annette {This Simple Mom}


  1. Travelers Rest sounds good. There is a town by that name in SC and I thought it always sounded so cozy.

    I think I'd like to read Ella some time.

    I read Carry On, Jeeves a couple of years ago. It was amusing in places, but in each chapter a friend of Wooster's got in some kind of predicament that Jeeves got him out of, and it got a little old for me after a while.

    I read I'm Outnumbered a couple of years ago, too -- great book!

    1. Barbara, Travelers Rest is partially set in the town in SC. :)

  2. I read one of the Jeeves books by Wodehouse - that was pretty good, but I haven't read any others. I've never read Heidi - that'll be on my list to listen to with my daughter, I think.

  3. I've pulled out Choosing Gratitude for the next month. I feel behind everyone in my reading but as long as I catch up in the following month or so, that's good, RIGHT!??! :D

    I'm very curious for your thoughts on Outnumbered.

  4. I "met" Wodehouse for the first time this year and enjoyed what I read, though I can't remember what it was at the moment. ;-). All of your reads sound good! I do love Heidi!

  5. I've had a book of several Wodehouse stories on my shelf for a couple years now, and I've yet to read any of them!! I've also had multiple recommendations, so I really need to get to that book sometime soon.

    Thanks for sharing!
    -Dawn, 5M4B

  6. Band of Sisters and Traveler's Rest both sound good. I've been looking around for some Christian books that weren't just romances--and it sounds like either of those might fit the bill.

  7. I've only read two Wodehouse books - the first book of short stories that was published (The Man with Two Left Feet and Other Stories) and one called The Little Nugget. I actually enjoyed the short stories more even though I'm not a big fan of the genre in general. I hope you enjoy whichever book you end up choosing next!

  8. Band of Sister's caught me eye while browsing christianbook.com. Now I'm just waiting for the library to get a copy.

    I am very partial to Wodehouse's Jeeves and Wooster books and another stand alone Wodehouse book that I loved was Money in the Bank.


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