Favorites #34

Hmm.  Shall I tell you that I don't remember this week?  Well, I guess I can remember a few things!

1. Time with my dad and his wife.  They visited this past weekend (Sat-Mon), and we had a really nice visit.

2. Cousins.  While Dad and Karen were here, we planned a visit with his cousin and daughter (Karen and Emily...yes, two Karens in the house).  My husband grilled dinner and we had a nice time catching up.  It was nine years ago when I first met Emily who is now 15.  It amazes me how she has grown!!

3. Days off.  Big Sister's school had an in-service on Wednesday.  We spent the morning cleaning her closet in preparations of some bedroom changes.  She has never been so willing to find better homes for her toys!  We planned in advance to get together with some friends at the local park after Brother's morning at preschool.  The three moms (and Little Sister) sat under the pavilion.  The children joined us for lunch and spent the rest of the time on the playground and exploring the wooded area.  We were there for three hours with no fighting and no blood.  That's rather amazing, though Brother did have a good fall that broke skin, but didn't bleed.

4. Acorns and pine cones.  I had to push the baby in the stroller to get her to take her nap.  While doing so, I collected acorns and pine cones for my apothecary jar.  (Last year I asked permission about collecting, and it was granted.  Typically state/county parks discourage you from taking any thing.)

5. Mrs. M.  Big Sister's kindergarten teacher is so full of energy!  Last night was Back-to-School-Night.  She had us go through many of the routines that the children have.  She uses a lot of sign language and music; my girl ♥♥♥'s that!  She comes home signing words and letters. Though our girl has mastered ABC's and 123's, I am thankful she is still learning...and more thankful that she still loves school.  THAT is the most important part of kindergarten, in my opinion.

and FALL!!!  I love less humidity and look forward to some colorful foliage!  I also read a great book called Amy Inspired.  It was the best contemporary book I've read in a LONG time.  (It is also clearly a Christian book, though the characters are not too conservative.  {I am rather conservative, but somehow the more liberal characters didn't bother me this time.}  The characters were very real...lots to think on with hypocrisy and lifestyle.)

I'm linking up to Living to Tell the Story!  I look forward to hearing about your favorites of the week, too, in the link-up or in the comments!

~ Annette {This Simple Mom}


  1. I remember how fun it was to go to parks with friends when my kids were little. Glad you all had a great time there! And good visits with family.

    Mrs. M. sounds great!

    I read Amy Inspired a while back...and was very bothered by some of the things the characters did. But I do know people who really liked it despite that.

  2. Sounds like you had a nice week of blessings!! Yay for the kindergarten teacher (i use signing as well but it's because I teach special needs children :) ) I LOVE when gen ed teachers also incorporate it!!! Enjoy your weekend.....

  3. "We were there for three hours with no fighting and no blood" -- I HAD to laugh!! Only a mom would understand. Sounds like a great time.

    Who wrote Amy Inspired? Sounds interesting.

    Your daughter's kindergarten teacher sounds great. Glad she's happy! Have a great week ahead, Annette.

  4. Sounds like it was a productive yet fun day for your day off. No blood? Bonus! :v)

    Love that the kindergarten teacher uses sign language. What a great skill for the kids to just naturally pick up.

  5. I love the fall as well--and really enjoyed Amy Inspired when I read it. I tend to be more conservative, but I still identified with a lot of the situations found in the book--if not for myself then because I've seen similar situations in my friends' lives.

  6. WOW...two of you read Amy Inspired! It's by Bethany Pierce. I think I also identified with the characters and that is why some of the situations that would have bothered me elsewhere didn't so much here...

  7. So glad to hear that you had a great visit with your dad and his wife!

    Big sister's kindergarten teacher sounds awesome and it sounds like your girl is loving the experience! That's great!

    I'm kinda curious about Amy Inspired now.


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