Favorites #33

My week has been fairly eventful in regard to having a sick baby.  Really, it's been a rather quiet week, and yet full of blessings!

1. Flag football!  Big Sister's first game!
2. Beds.  Sunday night Little Sister was rather sick.  She threw up twice.  She was miserable, and I thought it was an ear infection.  I was glad for a bed in her room.  Monday the doctor said it was a sinus infection (and the pressure would have bothered her ears).  Monday night I was happy to be in my own bed!  She is still grumpy, but doing significantly better.

3. French Dip.  I only buy meat on sale, and I aim for $2/pound.  We hadn't had a beef roast in the house in ages because the price hasn't been right.  I finally decided that we won't be seeing that price again, and finally  bought a roast on sale and was so excited to make French Dip.  I couldn't stop snacking on it as I was waiting for dinner...We ate it twice this week.

4. New Recipe.  I also tried a new recipe for Chicken Alfredo Roll-Ups.  It was really, really good.  It took me an hour to prepare (not cool!), plus baking time, so I am going to adapt it to be an easier recipe.  Can't wait!

5.  Good Studies.  I have been going through the book of Ruth with Liz Curtis Higgs on her blog and her new book called The Girl's Still Got It.  The book is AWESOME.  She goes through the book of Ruth phrase by phrase, adding her personal touch and personality all the way.  (She is coming to Hersey, PA later this year.  I'm sad it's not in the budget, but she'll be back in the area again in 2013!  I've heard Liz speak before and am sorely disappointed to miss her this year.)  At church we're also starting up a study of Shepherding a Child's Heart.  I have read it before and am excited to read it again.

I'm linking up over at Living to Tell the Story.  Last week I didn't get to visit the others...Sorry about that!

~ Annette {This Simple Mom}


  1. I'm glad Little Sister is doing better.

    The Chicken Alfredo Roll-Ups sound great! But not the prep time! I'll look forward to your simplified version.

    I've never heard Liz speak in person, but I have heard her on the radio. She is so funny.

  2. Glad to hear your daughter's better. Poor little thing. Getting sick in the night is awful...as is cleaning it up.

    Well, I came away with THREE new recipes today! Your French Dip, Ranch Bacon Chicken, and the roll-ups. (Feel free to mention when you have simplified that roll up recipe, though.) These recipes look GREAT!

    I just love Liz Curtis Higgs. Have you ever read her fiction? It's just great. I didn't know about her blog and the study -- I'm on my way over. Hope you have a great week ahead!

  3. aw....i'm glad your little baby is on the mend....sinus infections are no fun at all!! That's an awesome bible study...ENJOY!! I've read that parenting book as well and altho i don't agree with everything in it, it can be a very helpful tool. Good luck!!

  4. I'm happy you posted the link for Liz Curtis Higgs, too. I've enjoyed her books.

    The recipe sounds delicious, I'm printing it out for my recipe folder.

  5. I'm so glad to hear that Little Sister is feeling so much better - and that it wasn't an ear infection. But still! Hopefully everyone is recovering well and you can catch up on some sleep or time to relax this weekend (which is already half over). :P

  6. I hope for you that Little Sister's sinus infection is finished by now and that you can sleep again.

  7. I wondered about that book by Liz Curtis Higgs. Sounds really good. Hope your daughter is feeling better!


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