Favorites #32

It's time for me to consider what has been a blessing this week.
1. Girls' Night.  Friday I was able to get together with some friends.  It's a rare treat.

2. Church Picnic.  Our church has grown quite a bit in the past couple of years which means I don't know a lot of people any more.  Sunday was our church picnic, and it was lots of fun. We were able to stay well into the afternoon.  Though Little Sister was tired, she wasn't fussy, so we enjoyed the time there with the church family.

3. Planning.  All of my children have October birthdays, but we just have a small family party.  This will be Big Sister's first party where she gets to invite a couple of friends.  I'm planning a Little House theme.  She knows about it and helped choose fabric for her dress and sunbonnet.  Don't worry; you'll be reading all about it.

4. Early to Bed.  I've been going to bed earlier.  Since I often do not return to sleep after my husband gets up at 4:30, this is a must now that I cannot linger in bed after six.  It means I'm reading a bit less at night, but sleep is a must for me.  (I'm still tired...)

5. Weather.  The temperatures here have been so comfortable this week!  We have not been running the central air conditioning and have had the windows open!  Woo-hoo!

I'm linking up to Living to Tell the Story for Friday's Favorite Five.

What have you been up to?  Do you know what type of butterfly (moth?) is above?

~ Annette {This Simple Mom}


  1. Girls night and a church picnic - fun times!

    Oh a Little House theme party - what fun for your little girl! I'm looking forward to the pictures!

    Would that be a Fritillary butterfly? I've seen some like that around the island.

    Hope you have a happy weekend Annette! And get some needed rest!

  2. Church picnics are so fun. None of the churches we've belonged to have had them in the last several years.

    The Little House themed party sounds so fun!

    Going to bed early is definitely needed with getting up that early. I tend to stay up way too late, and when I get into bed, wonder why.:-)

  3. Church picnics ARE fun...we haven't been able to do one since 2007 because we are now at a little over 2100 people at our main site and 350 at our other site to the north of us. When we joined in 2005, there were only about 500 people. We've grown. So the various small groups do picnics, etc. My small group had a big beach bash in July...was loads of fun!!
    That Little House on the Prairie bday theme sounds so creative!! can't wait to see pics!

  4. Oh, I wish our temperatures would dip a bit...but they'll be great in January. Can't wait to see pictures of that party. I have some great memories of church picnics...in fact, I met my husband on one! Have a great week ahead, Annette!

  5. I love an occasional girl's night. So fun and refreshing to me.

    A little House birthday. What a unique idea! I'm sure it will be tons of fun.

    Love church picnics.

  6. A church picnic is definitely a blessing!

    As we got away for 4 whole days by ourselves sans children, I'm feeling quite blessed at the moment!


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