Favorite Five #31

This past week has been rather uneventful.  I like that sort of week!

1. A long weekend.  Last week was a rather difficult jolt to my home-loving person.  But we had a nice, quiet, long weekend to relax.  I made Snickerdoodle Blondies for a treat. (This helped make up for a new meal that didn't turn out well...that we had enough to eat on for three nights.  Ugh.  Little Sister loved it, at least.)  We did not do anything "significant," though we did have a fire pit Sunday night.  We even had a little visit with the neighbors that evening.

2. Getting settled.  I think I have figured out an okay way to manage all the comings and goings of getting the children to school.  Little Sister definitely is the "wild card" in all of it, but I think I have figured out that she does not need to eat upon awakening (since she doesn't take much from her bottle at that time).  Though I don't like the idea of it, after we return from Big Sister's bus stop, I put Little Sister in her exersaucer (for protection from her loving/mauling big brother) and give her Cheerios in it.  Then I hop in the shower.  Then we take Brother to school.

3. Upward Football.  My husband has been part of our church's Upward children's sports ministry since it began long ago.  But now he gets to coach Big Sister in flag football now that she is in kindergarten!  (Our church offers a cheerleading program at the same time as football season.  We thought it best to get her started in football, and let her choose later which she prefers.)  With only one practice and one game per week, it is very family-friendly.  It gets the community interested, too, while each practice/game points to God in a lesson!

4. Planning for family.  Beginning next weekend, we will have family visiting (overnight) four of the five weekends!  I'm so glad they can come to see us!  Derek's family visits regularly, but for my mom it's every few years, and my dad is once or twice a year.  Looking forward to it!

5. Meal planning.  I used to try to plan meals each week, but found it was just too time consuming.  For several months now, I have been planning one month at a time.  It is very flexible, but makes life so much better!  We have leftovers about half of the time, so really, I am only planning 10-15 meals per month.

My bonuses:
Little Sister (10 months) stands a bit on her own.  She began cruising along the furniture at 7 months.  I was not at all ready then for her to walk, but now it's age-appropriate and "allowed."  My husband no longer gets dirty questioning looks each time he encourages her to walk or stand.  I may even encourage her a tiny bit since it only happens a couple times a day.

Big Sister (5.5) is now cruising on her bike without training wheels and Brother (3.5) is finally willing to pedal his bike (with training wheels)!  Woo-hoo!

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~ Annette {This Simple Mom}


  1. Neither of our families visited often, either, so it was really nice when they came.

    Sounds like you have a feasible morning routine worked out. I think I usually got up before my husband and took a shower because it was easier to get a nap in later with the kids than to get a shower in later. Plus at certain ages I was uncomfortable leaving them without adult supervision. But then I hated taking time out of the middle of the day to nap when that was prime work time, too, so there's no perfect solution.

    I don't really meal plan, either, because of the time it takes, and it seems so tedious. I have a few meals in mind when I go to the store each week and keep staples on hand for others. But maybe planning by month would be more feasible.

  2. i tired meal planning for a while too but found that it took up too much time. I might so it like you do - plan for the month.

    how exciting for the visible growth changes in your children. always exciting times!!

  3. I always make a dessert to make up for bad meal attempts, too. :)

    I love your #2! I'm so glad y'all are finding a good routine. I'm with you on the showers. A girl has to do what a girl has to do to get a shower. ;) (It's amazing how quick showers become during the "little years".)

    Yay, for all those accomplishments for your little ones! That is wonderful. I hope y'all have a great weekend.

  4. Yay for the kids catching onto their bikes. We loved family bike times and still do.

    My mom always used to cook enough for leftovers too. We didn't always like it but now as a working mom I sure see the thought process of that!

  5. Sounds like you have a great morning schedule worked out! Yay for biking although right now I can't ride or do much of anything due to a back problem :( I am really missing it!! We love biking. your cookies sound good!! enjoy the weekend

  6. Your kids are moving right along! That's great. And great that you figured out a morning routine that works for you. Who says moms are just plain creative?!

    I'm going to definitely try those Snickerdoodle Blondies. My boys placed Upward Basketball and we all loved it. What a great program! Have a good week ahead, Annette.

  7. Hey! Way to go on those bikes, kids! Looks like we're tracking with each other there. :D

    A long weekend IS great. :) Glad you enjoyed yours.

    And WOO HOO on finding something that works for you to manage the school schedules. Good work!


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