Embracing the Work

Maybe you did not know this about me, but I tend to be a low-energy person.  But you know what?  Sometimes the opportunity comes for me to get to work...and I need to do it.

We had finally mostly recovered from our time away visiting the family earlier this month.  The strawberry jam I had made in June was pretty much gone.  (We had given away a bit as gifts.)  I took advantage of the children resting one afternoon and made another batch of jam using strawberries from the freezer.

The next morning, I bought 1.5 bushels of apples from the little store that offers a great deal on apples.  On the way home I saw that sweet corn was still available, and the price was good at $3/dozen.  I only had enough cash for three dozen, but I bought it.  Upon arrival home, the corn was shucked (with my husband's help), and after lunch I blanched it and removed it from the cob and prepared it for the freezer.
Before Little Sis was down for her afternoon nap, I began the process of making applesauce.  It was well after nine o'clock that night when I finally finished making the applesauce and canning it.  Other than dinner (which was something quick and from a box), I was not able to take breaks.

I was utterly exhausted, but it felt great to know that a day of hard work would provide great-tasting food for my family for the next few months.  Sometimes, we just need to embrace the work.

What is worth the hard work for your family?  For some it's gardening, sewing, or even homeschooling.  Strawberry jam, applesauce, and corn-off-the cob are just a few things that are worth all of the hard work for my family.  It really is a blessing!

~ Annette {This Simple Mom}


  1. I have never done any canning. When we made jelly we did freezer jelly because we have 2 big freezers and the containers were cheaper. We also have done applesauce, that was also put in the freezer. I love having strawberry jelly and applesauce in the freezer for my family. I have not had the money to do it for a few years. My family likes our homemade applesauce so much that they won't eat the stuff out of the jar. It's great to work and provide for your family. Bravo!

    1. Debbie, I tend to be an applesauce "snob" too. :)

  2. For me sewing is worth it. I suppose I'd think cooking was too, but I'm not a big chef, at all. I cook more because I have to than because of any particular want to.

  3. Canning IS worth the hard work for our family. (I'm a low energy personal also. So, cheers to you, from me!)

    I especially like the idea of canning after having the entire family sick at one time. Preparing food in advance (sauces, fruits, etc.) made it incredibly nice and easy to open a jar and knowing that we were all eating something healthy that was made with foods fresh from our garden or the local farm. I really, really liked that! It's hard work but it's so GOOD for you! (And yummy to eat too!)


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