It's official.  Our family is in a season of busyness.

Over the next month, we will have overnight company four times and Saturday morning flag football.   I'm excited to spend time with our family, but that also means that my weekend writing times will be limited...and therefore less blog posts.

Not only will we have family visiting, but our three children will all have birthdays in the period of one week!  I am also preparing a Little House birthday party for my oldest daughter.  Most of the time-consuming preparations are due my sewing efforts.  So far, I've made a simple apron and am 90% done with the dress for my daughter (unless I decide to rip out the elastic thread parts that seem to be "off" or if it doesn't fit...).

My family always needs to come first...so you won't be seeing me as much here, but I will still try to pop in a few times a week.  I have book reviews to write (reading is the easy part!) and I do want to share all about the Little House party.
Happy fall!

(The photo above is from October 2010 in northeastern PA.  We're still green here in southeastern PA!)

~ Annette {This Simple Mom}


  1. I hear you! The past month has been a blur and I'm hoping it won't be the tone of our school year. We are homebodies, yet we are still somehow busy with life!!

  2. Can't wait to hear about the party and get ideas!

  3. Yup, I would say that you are indeed in a season of busyness!

    I love the idea of the Little House party. I can't wait to see the details so I do hope you will share. What fun! (I know you've kinda been waiting for this one!)

    Enjoy this busy season. At the very least, it is a beautiful one!

  4. A good kind of busy! Fall is such a beautiful time, and with football, families, and birthdays, even better :-) Looking forward to seeing all the Little House ideas.

  5. Family definitely comes first. I'll look forward to hearing about the Little House party when you get a chance.


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