Together on Tuesdays {Summer Fun}

Welcome to another Together on Tuesday!  We're glad you are here!

I think it's great that so many of us bloggers have taken a few steps away from the computer to spend more time with our families during these summer months.  If you have the chance, we'd love for you to write up a few of your favorite summer time, backyard, or neighborhood activities.  Some families host clubs while others garden.  We would love to hear what you enjoy doing together!  (Please keep in mind that these can be for the children or the grown-ups!  Summer is a great time for all of us to be outdoors!)  Please feel free to link to past activities or write a new post.

Our family, outdoor fun usually takes place right in the backyard.  Unlike a lot of families, we don't go to the local parks very often.  We tend to stay put.  We're pretty low-key, as you can see.
campfires (when it's not too hot)
silliness: plastic bag kites

the swing set: usually for physical, not mental, exercise
Just this past weekend we took out the Slip 'n' Slide for the first and last time.  It was a hot evening.  We were all out there, and my husband wanted to cool off.  We all got a kick out of him enjoying quite a few turns until- POP!  We learned that there really is a 110 pound weight limit...or at least not 185 pounds.  We do intend to replace it, though it may wait until next summer.  (If you know of an adult version, let me know!)

So how does your summer enjoy these summer months?  

Please be sure to link to your individual post and not just your blog so we can easily find your post!  You can link here or at These Grace Filled Days.  Next week tell us about someone who has greatly influenced your life.

~ Annette {This Simple Mom}


  1. These are great summertime backyard fun ideas! With all these great ideas and play sets, no need to travel to a park! Absolutely love that smores pic - so cute :-)

  2. I still think you have the coolest pool EVER! It's awesome.

    And if you come up with an answer for an adult slip n slide, let me know too!

  3. What fun you've all had this summer!!!

  4. I didn't do this one at first because, with the kids grown and a very small patch of back yard now, we haven't spent much time there in ages. But then some memories came to mind, and I shared them here:

    I love that pool! I always wanted a swing set, but we could never "swing it" when the kids were small.

    I would love an adult slip and slide! I did one time, when very hot and very pregnant, climb into the kiddie pool!


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