Together on Tuesdays {A Person of Influence}

Summer is nearly over!  That also means that our Together on Tuesdays discussions are just about complete, too.  I've enjoyed sharing bits of myself and family with you during these times!

This week we are talking about an influential person in our lives.  Next week will be our final week when we will discuss fall plans or have a summer wrap-up.

God, through his teachings in the Bible, has truly had the most impact on my life.  I do realize my inadequacies in reflecting this, but I need to give Him credit.  Today, though, I want to consider the humans in my life...

At different times of my life I have had different people who have had great influence in my life.  Today, instead of focusing on just one person, I'd like to share some qualities and characteristics of the people who have had a great influence upon me.

A person of great influence might...

  • have opinions different than my own.  However, they will ask questions to help me refine my own thoughts and listen with consideration.   Sometimes we will come to agreement, and other times we may not.  Respect is always important though.
  • like me, but they are willing to speak truth to me, even when it hurts.  
  • challenge me in my faith to make me be a better child of God.
  • encourage me to grow to be a better person.  More gratitude and less grumbling.
  • trust me to be their friend.
I am grateful for friends who have come along side of me.  I am who I am today because of people in my life, past and present.  Friends, mentors, pastors, and family.

May I be an encouraging person of influence, too.

~ Annette {This Simple Mom}


  1. Yes, I agree with your listing. For me, trust and respect are probably the biggest ones when it comes to someone having influence in my life. I think it interesting how during different seasons of life, the Lord brings different people of influence into our lives, and even how some people may be present for many seasons, their degree of influence may fluctuate, increasing or decreasing as time goes on.

    1. You are so right about the ebb and flow of influence. I am so grateful for so many who have come along side of me and have impacted included, Friend! :)

  2. I agree with your list of the kinds of people who influence. But, too, I have been greatly influenced by someone's example when they don't know me, haven't spoken to me, and are completely unconscious that they've had an influence at all. Still, the people with the most influence in our lives are likely those with whom we can have those kinds of conversations.

    And I agree, too, that the One Who has had the most influence is God.

    1. Oh, Barbara, that is an excellent point about those who influence us from afar! Thank you! And thank you for linking up today!

  3. Hmmm...... I'd have to think on that one for a while.

    1. It truly is one to think much gratitude for those who have influenced me positively! :)

  4. I like your post.

    And you influence my life for the reasons you stated as making a good person of influence! So thank you! (And although i feel off the planet when it came to ToT - I've enjoyed reading other people's posts.


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