Favorite Five #29

It's been a full week here...and good stuff.

1. Worship.  It was really good to be part of the worship service on Sunday.

2. My Kindle Fire.  It's been a real blessing to read during the night and to read hands-free during the day.  Much of my Kindle Fire use is internet-related, but I have been surprised by how much I read on it when I either need 1) light or 2) my hands free.

3. An hour.  On Wednesday my big kids went to a neighbor's home to visit and play.  It was during Little Sister's morning nap.  And I had an hour to myself!  (I will admit I didn't use it too productively...I did take about a 5 minute nap...)

4. A clean tub.  I finally cleaned our bath tub.  A combination of Dawn and baking soda scrubbed it better than Scrubbing bubbles.  After cleaning it, I took a bath for the first time in way too long.   I'm not sure the last time I cleaned the tub...seriously.  (My husband has cleaned it, but it's been past due for the summer...)

5. Meeting the teachers.  Yesterday afternoon we met Brother's preschool teacher.  Then, after dinner, we went to Big Sister's school to find her classroom and meet her teacher.  We have much to anticipate this school year!

(And for the record, Little Sister is continuing to sleep pretty well.  She does not sleep through the night every night...but most.  It works for me!)

And another bonus: Tonight we are taking Big Sister and Brother to a Sight and Sound production of Jonah.

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~ Annette {This Simple Mom}


  1. I don't have a Kindle Fire -- my husband does and enjoys it. I have a Kindle app on my Touchpad and have a whole pile of books there. I like it when in the car (when I'm not driving. :-) ) but don't think to pick it up much at home.

    It's definitely nice to have some time to yourself.

    I just tried Dawn dish soap and vinegar on our tub -- worked pretty well.

    I always loved the getting ready for school meeting teachers, seeing classrooms.

  2. My daughter loves her Kindle Fire. One day, one day, I'll get one, too. Hmmm, I think I'll try baking soda and liquid soap on my bathtub too. Thanks for the idea!

  3. Can't wait to hear what you thought of the Sight and Sound presentation.

    You have some big changes today! I hope Big Sis, in particular, has a lovely day and a wonderful experience at school this year.

    An hour to one's self is FANTASTIC! Glad you squirmed a 5 minute nap out of it too! Power naps are my favorites and I do well with them.


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