Cutting Rolled Dough {Tip}

If you ever make cinnamon rolls or other rolled dough rolls, then you may have experienced the struggle of keeping the round shape of the cinnamon rolls while cutting the rolls.  In the past, my knives have often "squished" the dough while cutting it, leaving the rolls not-so-pretty, and certainly not round.
I finally learned that cutting your rolled dough with a serrated knife helps the dough to retain its shape.  I was shocked at the difference, so I thought I'd share it with you, too.  You could use a bread knife, though I just used a simple steak knife.

For those of you wondering, pictured above are ham and cheese roll-ups.  This time I made them for my dad's surprise retirement party in a mini-size.  I also added bacon pieces and minced onion for some extra flavor.

~ Annette {This Simple Mom}


  1. I usually use a piece of dental floss to cut my rolls - slip it under the roll, bring the two ends up, cross them, and pull - no muss no fuss, and perfect rolls. String works just as well, but isn't as strong and sometimes breaks as you pull it through the dough.

  2. Same goes for tomatoes! (Only I guess you couldn't really use dental floss!)

    I had forgotten about the ham and cheese rolls. I simply MUST make them!


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