Closed Doors

For me the closed doors of cupboards and bathroom vanities create problems.   The reason is because I'm lazy and tend to just toss things in the cupboard if it doesn't have a really good home.

This past weekend I took a few minutes to organize and wipe down the interior of my kitchen island.  It was pretty awful.
What you see in front of the counter were a few items that needed a better home.  I also had more organizing to do after I took the picture.  A crock pot was on top of the counter...and I had forgotten about it.  It was able to fit on the shelf, though.  

When my husband was home, I asked him which water bottles he uses the most often, and I had am now only keeping those in the island.  (They are hard to see, in the upper left-hand corner behind the words.)  I also did a bit better with my cookie sheets, muffin tins, and parchment paper after the photo.

My electric griddle is still there, but now it is covered, and protected, with the placemats.  I use my rolling pin in front of the lids to keep them in place.  If you are curious, the Rubbermaid containers are organized because years ago I bought a set that came with a bowl and lid organizer.  Though it's bulky, it's worth it for the organizing. (I'm not sure that it is still available.)  Next I'd like to get an organizer for my muffin pans, cookie sheets, and lids.  It will be on my wish list.  

I'm so glad I took 20 minutes to remove everything, wipe it down, and attempt to reorganize it.  Hopefully it will last!

If you have any advice for storing reusable water bottles, I'd love to hear it!  My husband uses 2-4 a day at work.  (For water and milk.  He eats breakfast at work which is a bowl of cereal.  He leaves before 5, and that is just too early for him to eat.  Not only does he drink water throughout the day, but he also exercises at work, and needs to rehydrate, of course.)  I also have two water bottles, though only one is needed at a time.  (Then, of course we have various extra bottles, especially for when my husband bikes.)  I ended up moving several water bottles above our stove to the cupboard that requires a stool for me to reach.  But it's still not ideal.

What will you organize this week?
~ Annette {This Simple Mom}


  1. Even though we are on a quest to organize and purge the entire house this year, there are a few remaining pockets of clutter - because they are behind closed doors! So easy for me to just ignore it because the door is closed...well, until I need something and I open the door, and it all falls out, sigh. Obviously, the next project on my list. Your cabinet looks great!

    1. Oh, I forgot to mention my bedroom is also a closed can get a bit wild in there, too!! UGH! You're so right...the mess will find us out, just by opening those doors...

  2. No good suggestions for organizing water bottles. We're still struggling on that.

    I need to organize our loft area. I just don't want to, it's gonna be a lot of work.

  3. The water bottle storage gets me too. My daughter has 3 of her own and that doesn't count the other 3 of us. I'll be doing lots of reorganizing once my new kitchen cupboards are in. I'll actually have a couple of deep, large drawers to work with which I don't have now. Hopefully that will help.

  4. Um, you just motivated me to do one twenty minute project.

    Clearly it makes a difference! Goodbye to the computer for now!


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