Water Play with Cleaning Fun

My big kids wear Crocs and flip-flops just about all summer.  Their shoes get a bit nasty.

I filled each of the kids' buckets with hot water and a bit of dish soap.  I gave each of them an old toothbrush and asked them to clean their shoes.

They cleaned and cleaned and loved it.  They were busy for at least 20 or 30 minutes.

Just a little tip, though.  If you don't want them to use the hose to rinse off the soapy bubbles and each other, be prepared to give them an alternate way to rinse the shoes...or supervise them instead of packing for your upcoming trip.  

~ Annette {This Simple Mom}


  1. I've been thinking about what we need to do re: outdoor shoes. Can't say I haven't considered crocs!

  2. Is your little tip from personal experience? Sounds like something I would have done!

  3. fabulous idea for hot summer days!:) Even I could benefit from it as I spend summer in flip flops, crocs or bare feet myself.:) Let's just say I do not have beautiful feet.:)

  4. Kids and water! I give them all sorts of stuff to clean in the summer. The big plastic barbie house, the little tykes construction zone, anything plastic that I can think of. Keeps them busy, busy. I've even resorted to give them dollar store paint brushes and a bucket of water and letting them "paint" the fence. They love it.


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