Together on Tuesday {Favorite Meal}

Welcome to Together on Tuesdays!  Thanks so much for visiting.  Today we're talking about our favorite foods.  I do enjoy food...I wish I enjoyed exercise to combat my fondness of homemade baked goods or even vegetables.  However, some things we must tolerate without passion.  (And if you do enjoy exercise and veggies-good for you!)

My favorite food is pizza.  I prefer the thin crust style with just cheese from a good pizza shop.  We often have pizza for dinner on Friday nights, but I know that it is not practical for our family to have take-out multiple times a month.  After years of looking, I finally have a really good homemade pizza crust recipe.
My favorite meal, made by me with no consideration of how many balance and starches included (which I adore) would include my slow cooker French Dip.  (I also enjoy roasted chicken and ham and all the leftovers that come with them.)  I would also would want to include a potato.  I enjoy mashed potatoes and roasted potatoes (whether standard or the delightful Cheesy Bacon Potato Rounds).  Corn-on-the-cob (or if off-season, corn-off-the cob from the freezer, but not store bought freezer corn) is my favorite vegetable, followed by green beans.  (In reality, I probably wouldn't have the bread in the French Dip, potatoes, and corn since all are so starchy, but I've likely done it before!)
Dessert has so many good options out there.  Cinnamon rolls might be my favorite though.  I try to make them only when we have company because I don't always have self-control.  Yet another starchy food, huh?  (A tid-bit about me.  When Derek proposed, he made dinner for me...including cinnamon rolls.  We still use that recipe, too, in addition to the link above.  I'll have to share the other recipe sometime, too.)

If I am just looking for an easy meal, I will likely choose Bacon Ranch Chicken served with a veggie or salad.  When I am looking for a quick "fix" dessert, I often choose No-Bake Cookies

What are your favorite foods?  If you are able, please write a post or link to a past  post of your favorite food, recipe, or meal!  You can link up below or at These Grace Filled Days until noon on Wednesday and then visit some of the others who have linked up.  You are also welcome to just join the conversation in the comments if you do not blog.  We look forward to getting to know you, and that is what Together on Tuesdays is all about.

Next week we'll be sharing about our favorite book or film.  (Of course, some of us have more than one favorite book...)  It'll be fun to figure out what I want to say!

~ Annette {This Simple Mom}


  1. Can I just say, your post made me hungry?! Such good food you shared. Oh, and you'll never believe it, we found a pizza I like - to finally enjoy pizza with my husband :-) Corn on the cob is so good, especially mid-winter from the freezer. I must confess to rationing it to make it last through most of the winter. Derek made you dinner when he proposed? How neat and romantic!

  2. "sigh"

    I hope I make it through the day now without making dessert...or potatoes. ;) I grew up on those no-bake cookies. I remember my parents just spreading it out in a baking dish and then putting it in the freezer, so it would cool quicker. Fun times!

  3. Oh man all of those look yummy, and I think I've pinned them before.

  4. I LOVE pretty much anything with patatoes or chocolate. If you follow my link to my blog ( I have just posted a recipe for hot fudge cake pudding. It is really great for those icy winter days ( we are in the middle of winter)but do NOT count the calories.Also anything involving patatoes ( in any form) and cheese. A real treat when I am aon my own for the evening is mashed pataotes and grated cheese with abit of salt and pepper. Very simple but real comfort food

  5. I'm just now starting to experiment with cooking - but I linked up to my most recent attempts!

  6. I would like to come and eat at your table sometime. Yes, I would.

  7. It would be hard to narrow food favorites down to just a few (I like pepperoni on mine, my husband likes veggies). Mexican food is a definite favorite. I like chocolate for desserts but do enjoy other types some times.

  8. Oops, I forget to mention that the pepperoni and veggies preferences were in reference to pizza, but maybe that's a given. :-)


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