Favorite Five #24

Reflecting each week about the positive things that are happening in my family provides me a concrete way to keep my focus positive.  I really enjoy the Friday Fave Five and hope you enjoy reading about the little things in my life.

1. Protection.  We were traveling for the third weekend in a row on Friday.  (Two weekends were traveling to go to and from NC.  Last weekend we stayed in PA, but traveled five hours to the home of Derek's grandparents. We went to the wedding of Derek's cousin.)  On the way, a car bumped us from behind when we were stopped for the vehicle in front of us which was turning.  The bumper does need some body work for the scrape and dent, but the car barely touched us so no one was hurt.  Strange thing...We bought the van last year when it was a year old, and the bumper was replaced then due to a crack.

2. Swim Lessons.  And more specifically, participation.  The children began taking swim lessons this week at a pool about 25 minutes away.  Since Brother (age 3.5) took many days to get into the pool when we were on vacation, we were  not sure what would happen.  Thankfully there is a male teacher's assistant there who Brother really likes.  On Thursday, Brother even dunked his head willingly.  Big Sis loves every minute of swim lessons...except getting out of the pool.  (Shall I tell you that I forgot the towels and clothes when the temperature was only about 68° with gusts of wind up to 25 MPH, and the lessons are outdoors?  Yep, not so awesome...)  Next week will be our final lessons, with eight in total.

3. New Lawn Tractor.  We ordered a new lawn tractor seven weeks ago.  After the third attempt, we finally received one with minimal enough damage that we kept it.  (All three tractors had damage in the same area of the "grill", including a dent once and a bit of paint scraped to the bare metal twice.  This time the paint was only scraped...)  It was a rather frustrating process, but we're thankful for a tractor that works properly. We have lived here for four years and have been blessed with hand-me-down tractors until now.

4. Fresh Produce.   (Yes, this is the fruit and veggie disliker talking.)  On the way home from swim lessons, we picked up sweet corn for $3 a dozen (a good price for the first week of the season).  Then we went to our friend's house to buy some of her blueberries.  She sent us home with some green beans and zucchini, too.  (They only sell blueberries.  Any of the rest she gives away if they have extra from their garden.)  Derek also brought home a watermelon.  Oh...my friend also sent home quail eggs with us.  We will try them hard-boiled.  (She sells them to a guy in Maryland for "fancy" restaurants.)

And most of all, I'm thankful for...
5. Nine Years of Marriage to my husband Derek.  Enough said!!    

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~ Annette {This Simple Mom}


  1. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY again! (I love seeing that picture.)

    And I'm so very glad that your family was protected from harm when traveling. Something to be grateful for indeed!

  2. Happy anniversary! I am so glad you were all safe in the accident and it wasn't worse.

    It's great the kids are doing well in their swim lessons.

    Hurray for the new tractor and fresh produce! I don't know if I'd be brave enough to try quail eggs. Silly, I know -- I don't know why chickens eggs are palatable and quail eggs are not -- I guess it's just a matter of what we're used to.

  3. We just celebrated an anniversary, too. Congrats!

    Glad to hear your accident was minor and that all are well. And so great that the kids are enjoying swimming lessons and learning!

    Have a great weekend, Annette.

  4. So many anniversaries this week! Congrats on 9 years! It's great to have access to fresh produce at such great prices. Glad you had safe trips to N.C.
    Our daughter and her Marine husband live on base in North Carolina...

  5. Congratulations on 9 years!

    I'm thankful y'all were safe during that accident!

  6. Happy Anniversary to you both!

    That fresh produce sounds really good. Love corn. Our corn season isn't until August so I have a bit to wait yet.

    Glad that accident was just a fender bender and not something more.

  7. Happy Anniversary!! my husband and I just got back today from an anniversary trip...celebrating 22 yrs!! (it was yesterday June 30th). YAY for fresh produce..there is NOTHING like fresh fruits and veggies...I love all kinds and love to cook with them! Our corn won't be ready around this part of NY until early august but i do get some that is grown on a farm in NJ....and thank the Lord you all were ok in the fender bender!!


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