Favorite Five #23

Time to consider the blessings.

1. Vacation.  We spent last week in Corolla, NC with Derek's family.  Four generations (twelve) of us were there.  It was mostly relaxing and what we needed.  (Despite being at the beach for a week, Big Sis is the only one who has tan lines.  We use LOTS of sunscreen at all times at the beach...and most of the time.)  On the trip down, Big Sis was mesmerized by Baltimore and was thrilled to see Washington D.C.  Just yesterday she was telling my mom how she saw the Washington Monument.  It was from a great distance, but she didn't care.
2. Home.  It's really good to be home again...we've been reading a lot!
3. Summer's Arrival. It's official now.  And it feels it, though I'm not sure that is a favorite part of my week.
4. Central Air.  I happen to like the feeling of my lungs working, and high heat combined with torturous humidity doesn't help me to have that feeling.  So I like being inside!
5. Together on Tuesdays.   I'm co-hosting a link-up this summer to meet and connect with some other women.  We had our first, fun link-up with introductions!  If you are interested, feel free to join any of the weeks you are able!  This coming Tuesday we're sharing our favorite food, recipe, or meal.
Though I'm not a big fan of sand, I did encourage the children to bury me.  They loved it...and then everyone else had a turn, too!  Unfortunately, we didn't come away with any family pictures while there.

My bonuses this week...Finding out I didn't have to take three small children with me an hour away to get my new drivers' license photo taken like when we first moved back to PA.  I was able to do it in my town.  The other is for a doctor who gave a prescription for clear symptoms over the telephone when he didn'thave opening until next week...and I was able to stay home with three small children instead of taking them into the office.

I'm linking up over at Living to Tell the Story.  You can join in, too!

~ Annette {This Simple Mom}


  1. Good for you getting buried in sand! I don't know if I could do it.

  2. That doctor is a KEEPER! I had planned to get a post written this week, but I've been so busy with other things....... You know how that goes.

  3. Your vacation sounds neat! But coming home after vacation is wonderful. I am a big fan of AC! I don't think I could function without it.

  4. Yay for being buried in the sand...been there done that and miss those early childhood days!! I will try to link up with your Tuesdays post...that sounds like fun. Now that I am done in the classroom (yesterday was our school district's last day!!) i will have more time to blog...i tend to do it in the early mornings after a power walk or in the late afternoons before cooking dinner...unless I'm at one of the lakes...LOL...i love summer and love your list of faves!!

  5. Bonus indeed for not having to take three children with you to have your license renewed! (Mine has to be renewed this summer. I'm so excited. Can you tell?)

    Yay for vacations and, again, I'm glad you had such a great time!

    Laughing about you enjoying to feel your lungs working. ;D

  6. Your vacation at the beach sounds like a perfect time, even being buried in sand. Having lived in high humidity areas in the past, I agree that AC is a precious and wonderful invention, maybe even better than sliced bread.

  7. Now, that's a considerate doctor. Love the picture of you and the kids in the sand! I know, it's great to be away, but being home again is so nice. And reading...YES! I may stop by on Tuesday if my week goes as planned. If not, I'll try for next. Have a great week.

  8. You are a fun mom letting the kids bury you in the sand. I would be so claustrophobic! We had what I thought was a hot and humid day but it's probably nothing compared to what you experience. Lots of reading, you know I love that and totally agree with ya!

  9. Annette, I just read your sweet comment on my blog. I had to come back over and thank you for your sweet words and prayer for Andrew and our family. I can't tell you how appreciated such prayer is! Blessings on you and yours!!

  10. Ah, you got to love anything that keeps you from having to drag 3 little ones out for appointments! (I used to have 3 littles, so I know.)

    I've mentioned many times in the cybersphere about my love of air conditioning. Good to see I am not alone!

  11. You're such a wonderful mom to let your kids bury you in the sand! I couldn't. ;)

    Central air IS such a blessing. Whew! It's been HOT and humid.

    I'm glad y'all had fun on your vacation!

  12. Well, I'm behind on Friday's Favorite Five since it's almost the NEXT Friday, but I wanted to say that I'm really glad you had a nice vacation. Taking our girls to Washington, D.C. is a goal of ours (and the DLM, too, of course, but we'll probably try to go again when he's a bit older). And it has been 100+ here all week, so central air is a MUST for us! :-)


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