Favorite Five #22

It has been a busy week...and it is not over!  I must be brief!

1. Staying home.  My daughter is done with preschool and I have not driven anywhere since Sunday.  YAY!!  I love to stay at home (though I don't mind running errands occasionally).

2. Father's Day preparations.  Not only are our homemade photo bookmarks completed, they turned out as I had hoped...even if it is slightly yearbookish.  (The link is to the tutorial I made in case anyone else is interested...no Photoshop required!)

3. Knit dishcloths.  My friend came to visit and came bearing gifts...dishcloths she had knitted!  Knitted dishcloths are, hands-down, superior to any other dishcloth out there!!  When my husband and I were dating his grandma introduced me to them.  I haven't gone back to store-bought for dishes, though I use them for cleaning!

4. Patience.  This was Big Sis's first week home from preschool, and I have been surprised at my patience with the disagreements and fighting.  Not only that, I have been surprised at how well Big Sis and Brother have gotten along.  Structure and mommy attention certainly help.

5. Stuart Little.  We began reading Stuart Little last week.  It has been a wonderful read aloud!!  My 3 and 5 year olds both have loved it.  Once during our quiet reading time, Brother (age 3) even spent quite a while examining it.

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~ Annette {This Simple Mom}


  1. Great five to share this week! I must agree about the dish clothes. Though I tend to use a brush for dishes, we have a crocheted dish cloth that I wouldn't trade in for anything. I just picked up Stuart Little from the library on AUDIO (yes, finally delving seriously into audio books as suddenly, one child is just responding so well to them). It is a fun story to share!

  2. Yay for summer and not having to go as many places!

    My kids always had a little trouble the first week or two after school got out -- getting readjusted to being around each other all day, I think. Glad you've had patience in dealing with the inevitable disagreements!

  3. What a great five, Annette! I have some crocheted dishcloths that my dh's grandmother made, and I do like them. My girls have always enjoyed the audiobook of Stuart Little.

  4. I would love to see some knit dishclothes. I bet they are great! I love Stuart Little!! It must be fun reading it to your children! Good for you on the patience!! Sounds like a great week.

  5. Now I need to look up what knit dishcloths are! Isn't that sad?!

    I'm proud of you for keeping your patience. I know how hard that is sometimes!

  6. love Stewart Little...
    and I make knitte dish cloths, prayer shawls, and baby sandals for the local pregnancy center...

  7. Knit dishcloths are great. Haven't seen them in awhile. I'll have to check out the farmer's market.

    Great idea for the bookmarks. So cute.

  8. I'm glad you keep mentioning Father's Day. Otherwise, I'm in a fair way to forget it! We need to make our cards this week! Pronto!

  9. I have a few knitted dishcloths, too, and I agree -- they're the best. I know what you mean about hanging out around home. It's nice not to have to go anywhere. And Stuart Little? Brings back great memories!! (Love Mouse on a Motorcycle, too)


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