A Window Garden with Coffee Filter Flowers

Earlier this spring my oldest daughter, age 5 suggested we make coffee filter flowers for the French doors again.  (You can see last year's flower garden here at the old blog.  We used markers and a spray bottle then.)

Coffee filter flowers are great fun to make for younger and older children, too.  They are also easy for the adult to supervise!  Since they are so thin, they are easy for a child to fold and cut.
Supplies Needed:
coffee filters
coloring materials (markers, watercolors, or finger paints)
green construction paper
newspaper or cardboard to keep surface clean
Scotch tape
spray water bottle (optional)

1. Open coffee filters so they are mostly flat.
2. Color the coffee filters.  If using marker or water color, spritz with water to spread the colors and even make them "bleed."
3. Set coffee filters aside to dry.  
4. Fold the dried coffee filters into quarters (or smaller, if desired).
5. Cut petal designs.  (A younger child, who can use scissors, but is not confident in the flower process can still cut the design, just draw the petal design for him or her, as shown above.)
6. Open the flowers.  
7. Cut the green paper into petals and stems.  Arrange them together with the coffee filter flower and tape together.  
8. Make "grass" by cutting a curve on one side of thick strips of green paper.  Then cut into the curve  of the paper to create the grass effect.
9. Tape to the bottom of your window and admire the view!

Pictured below is a coffee filter flower created with maker.  That is Brother last spring, when he was two years old.
A note:
If you have a very young child in the house who can reach the flowers use caution because he or she may not understand how fragile the flower garden is.  I speak from experience.  Our baby swing is by our French doors where we keep the flower garden...Not only that, but she crawls well and reaches up to pull the grass!!  Too bad she isn't weeding yet...

Since we don't drink coffee, this is a great way to use coffee filters!  (That's right folks.  Earlier this week I said I don't like strawberries.  I also have never had a cup of coffee.  One is a texture issue; the other is the taste.)

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~ Annette {This Simple Mom}

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