Teaching Verses to Children

Most Christians agree that they should memorize Scripture.  It is a lot harder to do it though.  Being a parent helps me to do this for myself, because I am pretty lousy (lazy) on my own.

Of course, many can learn just from reading and reciting, but I am always excited when I see a {free} printable that I think my children will respond well to.  I was excited to see mini-books important passages of the Bible to share with my two oldest children.

Bible Story Printables has a section of mini-books.  If you are not familiar with mini-books, they use one sheet of paper, but when it is folded a certain way, with just one cut, it can be turned into a book.  No staples needed!  It had been years since I had made a mini-book, so I found a tutorial here.

I printed the mini-books for Psalm 23 and what is commonly called The Lord's Prayer.  We may work on memorizing them this summer, but for now, the children are reading and becoming familiar with both sets of these Bible verses.

You may also be interested in Teaching Verses to Children Part 1 where I showed 26 little flashcards that I put on a "key ring".

How do you teach Bible verses to children?  What are some of your favorites to teach children?

You might consider reading this article about evangelizing to our own children (verses indoctrinating them).  Feel free to share your thoughts with me.

~ Annette {This Simple Mom}


  1. I have seen this before, thanks for reminding me!

  2. When my kids were younger, but old enough to read, we had an easel with a chalkboard on one side and a place to paint on the other. One of the best ways they memorized was when we wrote the verse on the chalkboard, had them say it, and then erase 2-3 words, have them say it again, etc. They enjoyed that.

  3. I'm making velcro puzzles. Which is essentially printing out the verse, laminating it, and a envelope to keep it in. Then I put velcro on the back of the words and on the envelope. They put it together. Oh, and the good old bribery of candy for verses.

  4. Barbara, I do that when I am in a classroom. Even the boys love it challenge!!

    Ticia, I may just do some paper puzzles this summer. That's a good idea!!


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