Teaching Bible Verses to Children

Slowly I have taught my children a few verses from the Bible.  I am ashamed to say this, but it seems like the verses I teach to the children are the only verses I memorize myself.  At least we are learning together.

Typically, when I teach them a verse, I write it on a piece of colored paper and hang it on our pantry door where it is highly visible.  We'll read/say it together once in a while, and sometimes one of us will just read or say it, too.  That has been highly effective, though slow-going.

I wanted to share with you a few resources I found recently in case you are also interested in a couple basic ways to share verses with a child.  If you are interested in more like this, you might like my Faith for Kids Pinterest board.
The first is printable for a set of My ABC Bible Verses from Homeschool Creations.  Big Sis really likes this.  Though this set is for our family, she has asked for her own.  (I basically said she could have it as long as Brother and I could borrow it.)  I actually like the simplicity of each card.  Below is our set.  I couldn't find our little O-rings, so I braided embroidery floss to make a ring.

I really think these are great for parents to read with preschoolers or for older children who can read independently, too.  Big Sis did have to ask what a couple of words were, but overall could read them by herself.
Each card is 2x3 (like a playing card).  I cut them apart and laminated them.  Then I used a corner punch to round the corners and a hole punch for the hole.  Perfect!  (If you don't have a laminator, you can find them pretty cheap.  Linked for about $30, but I found mine closer to $20 a few years ago at BJ's.  Another alternative to laminating is using packaging tape.  Of course, you could just use cardstock or not laminate at all.)

(If you use Pinterest, please go to the original source to pin.  If you don't use Pinterest, and are interested in it, I can send you an invite.  I will just need your email address.  I use it for recipes, books, crafts, and more.)

I'll share another neat printable soon that I'm using for The Lord's Prayer and Psalm 23.

What's your favorite Bible resource?

~ Annette {This Simple Mom}


  1. I have to admit I"m horrible at memorizing as well, and need to work on it. I'm very familiar with many verses, but couldn't say them word for word in many cases.

  2. I'll raise my hand also. Bad at memorizing verses! When we teach the kids a verse, we learn it also. Which is something that we really need to spend a bit more time on -- because it is important.

  3. I am HORRIBLE at memorizing Bible verses! I need to do something like this for ME. Neither of the boys are able to memorize Bible verses yet(or even speak them really), but I'll have to keep this in mind when that time comes. GREAT idea!

  4. I loved the simple elegance of these...thank you.


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