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Big Sis has been at this preschool for two years.  We really like it.  As a former teacher and parent, I know that any school's reputation can be superseded, for good or bad, by the classroom teacher.

I've been very grateful for Big Sis's teacher, Mrs. K, this year.  She has been loving, yet firm.  She communicates with me about big and little things.  Big Sis has responded very well to her, too.

So at the end of the year, how does a parent say "thank you"?

In my opinion, the most important thing a parent can do is to write a note to the teacher explaining what you appreciate about them. 

If the child is old enough, I think they should write a note, draw a picture, or even scribble, too.  Even if you have not always seen eye to eye with the teacher, they still deserve thanks for the care and education they provided for the past nine or ten months.

Any gifts beyond the written "thank you" are optional.  

The teachers I know don't expect a gift, but they certainly appreciate them!  It can be a challenge to give a gift a meaning, while keeping their interest.  Many teachers do not need another coffee mug.  Some teachers do not care for candles or lotions.  However, teachers often invest their own money in their classroom supplies.  A gift card to a local teacher store, Amazon, office supply store, or book store will likely be greatly appreciated.  Some like to give gift cards to a coffee shop, and that works well if they enjoy a good cup of coffee.  (You can always ask a co-worker for advice!)

Some teachers like homemade goodies from the kitchen, but others do not.  (I worked with some teachers who did not eat homemade items.  I still like to make something at least once for teachers...call me weird; it's okay.)  If the teacher knows you well, I think they are less hesitant to eat your special gift of food.
This year, we gave our homemade strawberry jam to Big Sis's teacher, aide, and preschool director.  We actually gave it to them after we made it (instead of the last week of school) since it is not canned, but refrigerated.  It was a big hit, so we will definitely give strawberry jam in the future as a gift.

In the past I have purchased $25 gift cards for teachers at Amazon.  By giving this amount, it allows them to use free shipping, which is why some people choose Amazon.  Whenever I give a gift card, I let the teacher know I hope they will enjoy it and they should use it however they wish, whether on themselves or for the classroom.  (If emailing the gift card, I also like to send a personal email to let them know to expect it, too.)

This year I am looking forward to something a bit different.  Our town offers a town gift card that can be used at multiple businesses.  Since we have a few restaurants and a children's bookstore downtown, I think the town gift card will be perfect for this year.  (This teacher also lives in our town; if she did not, I would be hesitant to use the town gift card because it is a very small town.)

{I am an Amazon associate, so this post does include affiliate links.  But really, this post is just me wanting to share what we are doing for teachers this year.}

~ Annette {This Simple Mom}

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  1. Yeah, sometimes I don't know what to make of homemade food items. (But if it's jam it CAN'T be bad, right?!?!?!) I think that makes a GREAT gift. And I love that when you give Amazon certificates, you make them $25. I think that's a good idea. The note of thanks though simply cannot be beat.

    Great thoughts here!


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