Hand Print Towel {Mother's Day Gift}

With Mother's Day right around the corner, we finally made our final hand print towels for the grandmas.
 This time when we made the hand prints, we used just one layer of paint, directly from the children's hands (or foot).  They placed their hands all over the textured towel.
Would you like to make your own hand print towel for yourself or for a gift?  It's rather easy, and the hand print towels can be used and washed, too.

Supplies Needed:
washed white cotton kitchen towel (I found ours at KMart.  They are not as easy to find as you might think.)
fabric paint (Linked to a six-color sample set.  It was perfect for this with plenty left over for other projects.) 
paint brush (sponge-type worked well)
plastic lid or paint palette of some sort
newspaper or cardboard to place under the towel
baby or hand wipes to clean hands/feet if you are working with a young child

~ Gather your supplies, then call the child over.  Decide in advance where you will want hand prints placed (or be content with where the children place their hands).
~ Paint child's hand with fabric paint.  Have the child spread fingers just a little before pressing firmly to the towel.
~ If you desire a dark hand print, you will need to paint a second layer of paint using the brush.  (One layer of paint is pictured above.  Two layers below.)
~ Once the hand print is dry, use a contrasting color of fabric paint to paint the initials or name of each child on the hand print, if desired.  You may want to practice on a paper towel first.  This was very tedious work!  I only had patience for initials, seen below.
~ Repeat as desired for each hand print.
~ Obviously, we used a footprint for our six month baby.  

During the Christmas holiday we made our first set of hand print towels (linked to post).  The turned out nicely, but were very different from the latest hand print towels, as you can see.
At Christmas our nephew was visiting, so we included his hand print in the towel for the children's grandma and great grandma on my husband's side.  The two new towels we made are for the other side of the family, being my mom and stepmother.  Each style has an advantage; it just depends on how you want the final product to appear.  I like both.

If you need another idea for a gift, be sure to look at my photo bookmark tutorial!  You can easily make these for any grandparent or special person!

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~ Annette {This Simple Mom}


  1. Hi I want to do this with my kids but the only white tea towels I can find is Egyptian cotton waffle tea towels, do you think they will work?

    1. Yes, I think they will. If you look at the first photo, you can see that it's a bit of a waffle weave. Best wishes!


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