Friday's Five #19's mid-afternoon on Friday.  Obviously, my posting and time is a bit off this week.

It's been a good week, from what I can remember.  It has also been a busy week, with a lot of phone calls to remedy a problem with an order.  (Not quite remedied, but oh well.)  Now...time to share five things from my week.

1. Normalcy.  Oh, I love normal.  It's not that I am inflexible, but I am a homebody who likes to know what to expect.  This week my husband was home, and that helped tremendously.

2. Mother's Day.  This was, by far, the best Mother's Day I have experienced as a mom.  I felt appreciated and loved.  I finally spoke up and said I wanted to go out for pizza.  (It is my favorite food.  In the past we have always thought eating out would not be fun with children with all the others trying to eat out, too.  However, pizza shops are quiet on Sunday afternoons!)   My husband also gave me a thoughtful gift, but I'll save that for another post.

3.  Easy Dinners.  We ate pizza and Stromboli leftovers most of the week.  Then we had Fettuccine Alfredo.  So good and so easy.  Tonight...well, I think it will be ziti.

4. A Proverbs 31 Bible study.  Women Living Well has a free Proverbs 31 e-book.  There is also a study guide and such to go with it.  I really like writing down the verses each day and drawing from those little verses that can say so much.  I joined a Facebook group, too, for community, though my focus will be on completing it and then sharing on FB when I can.

5. The rest... 1) I went for two walks this week.  (Three if you count our family "stroll" around the neighborhood.)  2) My husband is off from work today, and so the family went strawberry picking.  It was so early in the season that the pickings were meager, but we have about five pounds of berries.  3) Yesterday I was struck by just how much we are saving on baby formula now that Little Sis is able to drink regular (actually generic) formula.  I know that the special formula helped her when she was brand new, despite the continued screaming.  Some days it was really hard to consider that we were spending more on her food each week than anyone else's in the family.  Oh, and yes, the screams are over.  4) Yesterday on my way to Lancaster to shop at Target (about 45-50 minutes typically), I seriously passed no less than 45 horse and buggies.   (By passed, I just mean our paths crossed on the road either traveling in opposite directions or me passing them.  A typical drive there might be 5-10.)  I wondered what was happening and learned that  it was Ascension Day...40 days after Jesus' resurrection.  It is a true holiday for the Amish.  I was grateful for the reminder of it.  5) A chat with a good friend.  We hadn't talked in months...It was long overdue.

How did you like me finding a way to say a bunch little things in #5.  Maybe I am not the rule-follower I thought I was.  Ha!

Feel free to link up your own blessings over at Living to Tell the Story.

~ Annette {This Simple Mom}


  1. Go ahead and break those rules - there are so many things to be thankful for! Sounds like a great week.

  2. Very interesting about all the horse and buggies.

    I love normal too. Especially when it's been really busy for awhile, returning to normal is awesome.

    Pizza for Mother's Day sounds yummy. It's my favorite food too!

  3. I found your #5 really interesting -- especially the part about Ascension Day and the Amish. Neat.

    I know what you mean about normal. We hardly know what this is here anymore. We'll get back to it one day, Lord willing. In the meantime, He's just showing us more of Himself to get us through it!

    Hang in there with those fighting brothers, Annette. This, too, will pass! :0)

  4. yep, I'm gonna vote against breaking the rules LOL jk... I love that some weeks we have overflowing thanksgivings :) So glad you had a relaxing mothers day and that life is returning back to normalcy

  5. I totally hear you re: the cheaper formula! Oh yes! (And hurray!)

    I'm so very glad that you had such an amazing mother's day. That is awesome.

    Your fettuccine alfredo looks delicious. I want to come over for dinner. Please?

    Normalcy! Now there is something to be grateful for indeed!

  6. That's so awesome about the horse and buggies...I loved when we visited Lancaster County and the Amish Farmhouse Museum a few years ago with my children. It's a beautiful area and they certainly have an excellent work ethic! Sounds like you had a lovely week!!

  7. You can't get better than pizza for Mother's Day! ;)

    Yay for cheaper formula. I'm so happy that the generic formula is working out great.

    I love the 5 in #5. :) There are SO many thing to be grateful for. That must have been really fun to see so many Amish buggies! I've never seen one in real life.

  8. I'm waaaay late visiting for FFF - my son graduated yesterday and my oldest flew in fir a long weekend.

    Glad you had a great Mother's Day!

    I agree about normalcy. We've had such a fun few days but it is so nice now to know I've got then evening and the next day with nothing specific scheduled.

    That's awful that the special baby formula costed so much. Glad you can just buy the regular stuff now.


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