An Eight Inch Difference

Over the past couple of years, a couple of people have suggested that we cut Big Sis's hair to make life significantly less complicated.  We never considered it to be a real option.  (Likely this is because when she was just six or seven months old, her hair reached down her has always been long.)  

For the past few months, Big Sis (age 5 1/2), has asked to have short hair-like mine.  Though that is quite the compliment, we did not want to be hasty.  Nor did we want to cut her hair just because she asked.

I also knew that if we were to cut her hair that short, I wanted to be able to donate it.  A few months ago when she asked, I thought we would be waiting until the fall, if she was still interested, to cut it.

As it turns out, her hair grows faster than I expected.  We were able to cut eight inches from her hair, which is all that Pantene requires for their wigs for women with cancer.  

She loves that she looks like me.  (I love that she wants to look like me.)  She is so excited, as I am, that there are no knots in her hair in the mornings, or even after playing outside. Big Sis is experiencing new independence as she can brush her hair herself.  I am hoping she can learn to wash it, too.   It should be no surprise that her new bob is simple.  It's why I keep my hair short.
It will take some getting used to, but we are finding new freedom with eight less inches.  (You can scroll down to previous posts or go to this recent picture to see before.)

~ Annette {This Simple Mom}


  1. So sweet and what a wonderful way to give back!!

  2. It is such a thrill for me when my children want to emulate something about me. What a fun moment to share.


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