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This is the year of change for our family.  Despite the fact that my husband and I are homebodies, we are now busy with activities.  In the past, any activities we had were on a regular schedule.  I knew to expect speech therapy every Tuesday and Thursday at 4 o'clock.  Bible study the first and third Fridays.  

Things are different now.  Big Sis actually has a tee ball schedule that is irregular.  EEK.  Though I keep our calendar right on our refrigerator door (the most visible area), I knew I could not be caught off guard for a game.  (Upon my husband's arrival home, we must eat immediately and head out the door...sometimes leaving dishes on the table in our rush.) 

To draw my attention to the calendar on game days, I used little stickers to help.  On those stickers, I also wrote the time of her games.
My husband's softball games don't vary, so I didn't feel the need to give him his own set of stickers, but each person could have their own color or symbol for keeping track of your family activities.  These stickers are just those little stickers found in dollar store sticker books.

{In case you are curious, I printed my calendar from The Nest Effect.  Though it does not have holidays on it, I like that it is free, and I can print the full year at once.}

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~ Annette {This Simple Mom}

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