Smile {It Makes a Difference}

I am one of those people who naturally looks unhappy if I am not smiling.  Apparently, my mouth turns down a bit when in its natural position.  Especially when I am tired.  (I'm always tired!)

This might be fine most of the time, but when I am face to face with my children, I have been trying to smile, even if my eyes are not looking at their little faces.

I have found this is especially important when I need to discipline or speak firmly to my children.  Of course, if I am angry, that is almost impossibly hard.  But still, I smile.  I think it makes a difference.

When I am buckling my baby or son's car seat I am so close to their faces.  They often do not have any choice but to look at my face.  I smile.  I think it makes a difference.

My baby is no longer content to "just lay there" and get a diaper change.  Her intention is to roll over and get away from me.  Already.  But from the early days, I have purposely smiled at her through those diaper changes, even when holding my breath.  I think it makes a difference.

When I bend low to help with shoes or zip coats, I will smile.  I think it makes a difference.

And when my five year old asks to take my picture.  I smile.  It makes a difference.

When my husband walks in the door to hear children crying, a mess all around, and no comforting dinner smells in the air.  I hope I can smile.  It makes a difference.
"I will forget my complaint, I will change my expression, and smile." ~ Job 9:27
 When will you smile?  It makes a difference.

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  1. I have also done many a diaper change... and i learned to make a song of whatever I'm doing... It makes THEM smile to! "Now I am removing that stinky diaper and cleaning up your booty, then later we are going to go to the grocery store... lalala!"... They love it!

    I also have a verse that i have posted on my kitchen window that helps me throughout my days...
    Be Joyful in Hope, Patient in Affliction, and Faithful in Prayer. Rom 12:12

  2. Thank you for these thoughts! I too have discovered that my face looks too stern or unhappy when I am actually feeling neutral! SO...this post hit home completely and I am blessed by the reminder! Thank you for this lovely blog.

    P.S. Also have a little one who has recently decided that being still for diaper change or getting dressed is just impossible...SMILE!!!! :-)

    Jen N

  3. Very good point! (I do try to smile at them specifically when I'm strapping them into car seats. As you say, we're awfully close. Might as well give them a moment of joy. And they smile back. It does, as you point out, make a difference!)

  4. This is SUCH a great reminder! Often times, I suddenly realize that my forehead is tightened in frustration, and I try to relax my face. I try really hard to smile at the boys, but I hate to admit sometimes, it's very forced. :P

    This post is getting printed to go in my "Encouragement" section of my binder! (which I still haven't posted about...HORRIBLE, I know).


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