Paper Organization {Going Vertical}

Though we have a desk, our kitchen is the main place we keep important papers that do not need to be filed away.  Naughty, I know.  Since I made our family and home organizer, lots of papers are finding a home and purpose there, but there are still invitations to respond to, magazines to read, and prescription to get filled.  All of these papers need action sooner than later.  To stay fresh in my mind, they tend to hang out on the kitchen counter.  This is not the ideal way to organize papers.  Obviously.

A couple years ago, I had a basket that I thought would be great for mail.  So I placed it on the microwave.  It quickly filled up.  The problem, for me, is that I would place "stuff" in the basket, too.  I also didn't limit it to important papers.  At times, this basket overflowed a bit, too.  Below is a tidy picture of the basket.  I can't say it always looked that tidy.
 I decided it was time to go vertical.  By using a magazine organizer, I am automatically limited to organizing ONLY paper in it.  The magazine holder is black, which matches our kitchen appliances (except the toaster oven and microwave which need to die so we can replace them) and coordinates with counters.
Below is another view, with the magazine holder turned around.  It all depends upon whether or not you want quick access to the papers or to hide the papers.
I found my magazine holder at Target, in case you are wondering.  

How do you tackle your daily papers??  Tomorrow I am going to have a giveaway related to organizing paperwork in a totally different way!  I do hope you'll come back to see it!  In the meantime, check out our other fun giveaways!

~ Annette {This Simple Mom}


  1. I like the clean and simple lines of this paper organizing method.

  2. I like the magazine holder turned away. Makes everything look a lot cleaner (and intentionally organized.;D

  3. Neat idea! I have a square metal basket where I keep mail that I need to do something with or look at more closely later, notices from school, etc. It fills up rather quickly, but because I can't stand for it to overflow and look messy, it makes me clean it out fairly often. And that way I remember to return those school permission slips before it's too late, LOL! Actually, usually I try to sign those and get them back in the backpack immediately or as as soon as possible.

    1. Barbara, I try to get paperwork filled out ASAP, too! I have already learned that I need to go through my vertical stack about once a week to keep it small.

      Carrie and Dorie, I also like it turned around...much nicer with those clean lines!

  4. That is a great idea!

    I love baskets for organizing, but I also tend to fill them up with other things if they're not on top of something harder to reach(like the refrigerator), which isn't the best place for paperwork, for me. I really like this idea, though!

  5. Looks great! Thanks for linking it up to my Organizing & DIY link party.


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