How to Clean a Dryer's Lint Trap

So much of my cleaning and organizing is done when I have just a few minutes to spare AND motivation in the moment.

It's recommended that you properly clean your dryer's lint trap occasionally.  It's thought that if water can't flow through it, air cannot either, and can cause fires.

First, I took my lint trap to the sink to see how well water flowed.  The water just sat upon the screen!
I took my scrubbing brush and cleaned the lint trap.  The water now flows easily through it.  Then I cleaned any remaining lint and let it air-dry. 
It only took a few minutes, but I feel better knowing that it has been recently scrubbed!  I noticed a difference when removing lint, too.  The lint now comes off much easier than before.

It only takes a few minutes (plus drying time).  I hope you'll do it, too!

~ Annette {This Simple Mom}


  1. I remove the lint after every load but it never occurred to me to wash the filter. Thanks for the tip!

  2. Good reminder! I noticed my dryer hasn't been drying as well as it should - I probably need to give my lint screen a scrubbing, too.

  3. Your lint screen is so clean! Our has hardened stuff at the bottom. I do vacuum it out in there, but I've never checked the screen. Good point!

  4. Read this earlier this week, and yesterday, I tried it. Typically I vacuum the compartment and the screen, but I wanted to try scrubbing it like you suggested. It was quite easy to do and so worth the peace of mind!


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