Friday Favorite Five #16

Typically I spend a few minutes during the week to write down my blessings.  This week has been very busy, so that has not happened.  Yet, I am still blessed.

1. The patience of the tee ball coaches.  After watching my daughter's first game last night, I really appreciate what these three men do.  (My husband is the assistant coach, but that is beside the point.)

2. Wise friends.  I've asked a few friends for some parenting advice, and really appreciate their thoughtful, godly advice and questions.

3. Time with friends.  This week has been a very social week for me, and the weekend will continue to be the same with a bridal shower and company.

4. My husband.  Despite his hard work all day (and LONG days at that), he is very supportive and understanding, even when he walks in to chaos at five o'clock.

5. Little Sis back to normal.  After a very rough week/weekend last week, she is back to herself.  This includes only waking once in the night which helps me to function much better.
I'm linking up the goodness of the week over at Living to Tell the Story.

~ Annette {This Simple Mom}


  1. Wonderful blessings to share! Sounds like a fun weekend coming up, and with Little Sis back on regular schedule, it will definitely be a great time of rest, relaxation, and fun fellowship.

  2. Glad little one is feeling so much better! Have fun at all your events. I appreciate the wise counsel of friends as well, and a faithful husband much the same.

  3. I see the struggles through the blessings and I think you've captured the week beautifully. Life is certainly rough at times, but God shines blessings through every bit of the struggle -- if we're looking for it.

    Yay for good husbands!

  4. Great list of faves...yay for supportive husbands....and glad your little girl is much better! have a good weekend!!

  5. I hope Grasshopper's coaches are just as patience when he starts the T-ball adventure! :)

    I'm going to echo the "Yay for great husbands"!

  6. Patient coaches are certainly a blessing! Especially with such little ones learning the game.

    Sounds like your week was very, very busy. Thanks for taking the time to still join us!


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