Easter in Our Home

Easter can be a wild day of candy and eggs.  In our home, we try to tame it a bit and focus on the resurrection of Jesus while having plenty of fun, too.
This reminds me not only of new life in spring, but also of new life through Christ!
This year, family will visit from out of town to celebrate Easter with us throughout the weekend.  We'll have the traditional ham dinner after church.  A rumor is going around about an Easter egg treasure hunt after church while dinner preparations are finished.
We also use our homemade resurrection eggs.  The kids have access to the resurrection eggs in the weeks before Easter.  They are encouraged to tell as much of the story as they can.  (In case you are visiting and interested, I made a resurrection eggs printable that you can check out.)
I purposely seek items to put in the children's Easter baskets that include alternatives to candy.  This year is no exception.  We don't give our children a lot of gifts "just because" unless you count books. Typically our children receive gifts from us on Christmas, birthdays (all October), and Easter.  Easter is a great time for us to consider items that may be fun to use during the summer months.  In the past we have given dollar store dress up hats, sunglasses, sidewalk chalk, bubbles, books, baseball gloves, soccer ball, and kites.  I have also made little items for the kids.  This year they will get flip-flops, books, stickers, bath poofs, and a bit of candy.  Last fall my husband and I bought a slip-and-slide.  That will be also given at Easter.

A friend told me they are using a skein of yarn to make a trail all over their home to help the kids find their hidden Easter baskets!  I thought that was a great idea and may try it.

For the first time this year, I want to make resurrection rolls.  Can't wait!

Yesterday I shared our five favorite Easter books.  They are a big part of our preparations for Easter.

With all that said, Big Sis has the next two days off for Spring break.  (She only attends preschool on TWH.)  I think we will all enjoy a few days to prepare for Good Friday and anticipate Resurrection Sunday!    I need to take a few days to prepare for company myself  and enjoy them, so I will take a little blogging break!  See you next week!  God bless you this Easter!

I'd love to hear how you prepare for Easter in your home!

~ Annette {This Simple Mom}


  1. Sounds like a lot of fun Easter traditions with your family! We actually don't do Easter baskets. Odd, I know, but we never have. However, we almost always have an egg hunt with the cousins at my parents' house :-) Hope you and your family have a lovely Easter!

  2. Happy Easter - it sounds like you'll have a wonderful time!

  3. Sounds like you will have a very memorable and enjoyable Easter. Enjoy! "See" ya next week! ;)


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