The Real Deal

We said our goodbyes to our friends and headed home in the van.  Three little ones were ready for their naps, and I was not far off.  The trip home would be well over an hour.

As we were leaving our friends' home, I turned on Garmin (our GPS).  For much too long Garmin told me that it was "loading maps." 

Despite being in an unfamiliar area, I was somewhat confident in being able to find my way home.  We keep a road atlas in the car, but I suspected it might not be helpful since I was not certain which country road I was traveling.  And it was out of my reach.  

Hoping to not pull over, I made a call to confirm the next couple of turns.  At some point I was unsure of my surroundings.  The road no longer seemed familiar.  

It had already been over twenty minutes and Garmin still was not working, and I no longer expected it to.  I continued on my way, hoping to see a familiar site or a road sign.  

With the children quiet, I began considering what lesson God might have for me in this situation.  I began to consider the way that I was relying on a little electronic device to show me each turn instead of looking at the full picture of what I might see on an atlas.  Because I was depending on something less than the original map or written directions, I was left not knowing how to get to my destination.

Then I finally saw the sign peeking out from behind another letting me know that I was, indeed, on my way home.  (And, yes, I took a photograph...)
I began thinking about how God's Word gives me the answers I need in life.  It is the Bible that I need to be reading daily.  Though other books can help me to understand better and expound upon what the Bible says,  I waste my time if I read what other Christians say about what God says if I am not actually reading what God says.  We must also remember that not every book found in a Christian bookstore or from a Christian publisher...and not all are in line with what God actually says.

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.  He was with God in the Beginning.  ~ John 1:1-2

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