Friday Favorite Five #9

Blessings.  They are many, and I am grateful for the chance to write them down each week.

1. Family.  Last weekend we had some of Derek's family here.  It was quite the blessing, as always.  I really am thankful that my children have a real relationship with their great grandparents despite the distance.  They love GnG!

2. Big Sis singing songs she has learned.  I love that she has learned hymns and choruses at church.  She learns a lot of songs (some silly, some serious, some praising God) at school, too.  It amazes me how quickly she learns.  (Which is obvious since I have been told that I don't know the tune of the alphabet song, though I promise I know the alphabet.)  Below is a song that she sang in the car (to the radio) a week or two back, having learned it at church.  Then this week she came home from school singing it.  She has much of it memorized.

And all this from the girl who could not sing even one line of a nursery rhyme or song by her third birthday because of verbal apraxia.  (Her story is here.)

3. A date with my husband.  With his mom in town, we spent an evening in Lancaster (PA).  We didn't have a restaurant in mind and ended up at a chain...Then we went to Target and picked up sneakers and clothes for the kids.  It was a rare night out.

4. Reading some good books.'s been a good year for reading good books.  I agreed to try a new author for review...and found out she's local.  I'm not finished with the book yet, but I look forward to reading more from her!  I am also very excited about book club this month and a few books that I have borrowed from friends.  (Think Maud Hart Lovelace and Grace Livingstone Hill.)

5. A gentle endontist.   As I type I am having somewhat intense pain from my #18 tooth area/gums (farthest molar back).  This is the tooth I have a temporary crown on, AND Wednesday I had a partial root canal on it since there was still pain with the crown.  (Yes, this tooth should be covered in gold for the money spent on it)  This endodontist was really patient and gentle which was really important with the extra-deep roots of this tooth, while informing me of all that was happening.  He is hopeful the tooth will be saved.  (It is cracked...not like a bone...not really sure I understand though.)

It's really good for me to focus on the blessings.  Share yours at Living to Tell the Story!


  1. Still praying for your tooth situation. I truly hate going to the dentist so I'm horrified by your experiences here!

    Glad y'all got a date night out!

    That is one of my FAVORITE choruses EVER and I'm going to listen to it right now while I read the rest of the FFF posts. =)

  2. I've been hearing great things about Promise Me This! It's yet another book that's been put on my "read one day" list.
    That's great that y'all got a date night. :)
    I'm still praying for your teeth situation, too!

  3. Ouch -- the tooth situation does not sound like fun. I'm glad the endodontist was good. I have my first visit with a dentist in about 2 years -- when we moved it just took me a while to ask around about recommendations and finally make an appointment. I'm hoping he won't find anything too terrible in there.

    I'm glad you had family visit and a night out with hubby!

    Of course, I always love good books.

    It's so neat your daughter is learning hymns and choruses

  4. I feel your pain regarding the tooth. I had a crack in mine...praise God my amazing family dentist saved it, put a crown on it (twice) and now it's awesome! I love a good dentist! And love that worship song! yay for date nights...even if it IS just a shopping trip to Target! lol...we were in Lancaster county on a vacation to PA about 3 springs ago and loved that whole area....had so much fun down there. Have a happy weekend!

  5. How special to hear you daughter singing!

    So sweet that your kids have relationships with great grandparents. I only met my grandparents once in my whole life never mind great grandparents. So speical!

    I've come across some really good books lately too! That book you're reading for review sounds like it will be a good one. I'll have to keep my eye out for it.

  6. Wow, you found a way to be thankful for a cracked molar. I'm glad your endontist is so good.
    I'm sure hearing your daughter sing is truly a blessing!


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