Friday Favorite Five #10

I really appreciate being able to share a bit more personally on Fridays.  Though it may not be about organizing, crafting, cooking, or books, I hope you still enjoy getting a peek into my life.  I also like "forcing" myself to focus on the positive.  Some weeks it's hard to come up with five blessings that stand out.  That is not the case this week.

In chronological order, you will see that I have MUCH to be thankful for this week.  I also have much to be praying for...

1. Mrs. K.  Big Sis's preschool teacher is loving and gentle...and firm.   All of those qualities are important for my daughter.  More than that, she seems to have really connected with Big Sis.  (Apparently they both enjoy singing, too!)  She has encouraged her in her reading.  Twice now she has had Big Sis read a book to the class!  The first time was planned, and she chose to take in The Statue of Liberty.  Last week was more spur of the moment.  The class had been learning about Queen Esther, so she took in our copy of Queen Esther Helps God's People for Mrs. K. to read to the class.  Instead, my little girl had the opportunity to read it to them!   It makes this mama happy to see a teacher responding to her daughter on so many levels.  (And I happen to really like her myself, too!)  I know she is capable of reading aloud, but am curious what the other children think of it...and if they get to see the pictures!

2. Meeting Cathy Gohlke.  Though I was not finished with Promise Me This yet, I knew I was loving every bit of the book.  Cathy Gohlke ( author of historical fiction) lives near by, and Friday night she had a book signing.  Since Big Sis and I were the only ones there specifically to see Cathy, we got to really talk for about an hour.  Actually, there may have been MANY interruptions, being that Big Sis is five.  Cathy was so sweet and understanding with Big Sis and made her part of the conversation when appropriate.  (That is the three of us pictured below.  Yes, I'm that short.  In another shot Big Sis is on Cathy's lap!)   I suspect I could sit and talk with her all day.  I will just share now that going to meet an author is a bit weird in the sense that we were having a real conversation though we had just met.  (Who am I??  I never would have thought that I could do such a thing!  It might have something to do with a mutual love of books.  I had NO idea what to expect.)  Oh, and yes, a review will be forthcoming.  Feel free to buy it now.  It was set around Titanic and WWI. I have finished it and highly recommend it!  It will likely be one of my favorites of the year.

2. Encouraging friends.  I really appreciate the way that my friends encourage me.  They don't gloss over my not-so-good qualities and sinful nature, but they really do encourage me!  This week I had multiple conversations/emails that I was thankful for and needed to hear.

3. BROTHER IS BEING WEANED FROM HIS ANTI-SEIZURE MEDICATION!  On Tuesday Brother had his (sleep-deprived) EEG and then met with the neurologist.  (Background: He had one 3+ hour seizure days before his first birthday in October 2009.  Only one, but severe.  He's been under the doctor's care and on meds since then.  You can read some of our health history here.)  Once again his EEG showed no seizure activity.  It'd been long enough that the wonderful doctor suggested that we begin weaning him from his medication.  It is a slow, six week process.  We are very excited...and I may be a tad bit nervous, too.  An EEG is not conclusive in determining whether a person will have another seizure...

4. Prayer.  Not only knowing that we can pray and be heard, but knowing that family and friends are praying for Brother right now, too.

5. A less sensitive tummy.  Maybe.  I can be hopeful, right?  Little Sis might be accepting the significantly cheaper "Gentle" formula over the Nutramigen.  We were spending $35 every four to five days.  She's been having a scream-fest for a couple hours each night (twice) the middle of the night, but the rest of the time she does not seem phased by this new formula.  So now we need to figure out if the formula change is affecting her or if it is something else.

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  1. Here's hoping for less crying fests! And I'm glad brother is weaning off the formula.

  2. I've never been to an author signing, also due in part to the fact that I don't exactly know what to expect of it. I wonder what it feels like to be the author. =X

    Glad baby sis is accepting less expensive formula. (We were just able to switch to something less expensive last month! GAA!)

    Hope you have a great weekend!

  3. I've always wanted to go to an author signing, but the only ones even remotely close to me are authors I've never heard of.

    Bless your heart! $35 formula!! We just swapped to a generic brand to see how Firefly does with it. So far, so good. We've only got a month and 11 days left of formula this go round. :) I pray she does good with the cheaper brand.

  4. Oh, I so hope things go well with weaning from the medication and getting just the right formula.

    Author signings are fun -- for the author, too! Have a great week.

  5. I wrote once about being to an author signing where the author spoke for a bit, but not going up to talk to her afterward because I couldn't think of anything to say besides, "I really liked your book! Somehow she found that post, and commented that authors love to hear that! So I am sorry now I missed that opportunity. The Christian bookstore where we used to live had many authors visit, and I miss that. So glad you got to spend some good time Cathy!

    It's wonderful to have a teacher who really meshes well with your child.

    That's wonderful news about being able to wean off the anti-seizure medicine! I hope it all goes well.

  6. Sounds like it is a great fit between Big Sis and her teacher. What a growing opportunity for Big Sis to read in front of the class. Did she like doing this?

    I love the story of Esther. There is so much application for today in that book.

    Such good news about Brother!!

  7. That is really good news about Brother. Praying he will be seizure free for the rest of his life! And hopefully the new formula will work just fine for the baby!

    Isn't it wonderful when your child has a teacher who just clicks with them?

  8. It was such a treat to meet you, Annette, and Big Sis--love that name!

    Authors are just like everybody else--except we live with lots of people running around in our heads. It's always a treat to talk with others who love books and stories and want to share the ones they've grown to love.

    I'm so glad things are looking up in your family's health, and will pray for peaceful days ahead! God Bless!

  9. As a teacher, I think it's good to hear that moms appreciate teachers' efforts. Be sure that the teacher knows this :)

    What fun to meet the author--I'm sure it would be a fun thing to do.


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