Displaying Children's Artwork and Crafts

It does not take much for a refrigerator to be covered with artwork.  Once a child knows the joy of their coloring pages being displayed, they will likely create more to be displayed.  OH BOY!

Despite my efforts to intercept some of my daughter's school work, paintings and projects from school, she would often still find or create something to hang on the fridge.  It was getting out of control.  At first I suggested that if she wanted to hang something, first she had to remove something of her own.  This only worked so much.  And if she could find an empty magnet, she'd use it.  I finally came up with this small bulletin board for the refrigerator.

I went to the Dollar Tree and bought the bulletin board border.  Using a bit of tape, I made our very own display for artwork right on the fridge.  (The picture seems to emphasize the fact that the top is not straight, but you get the idea!)   It is the ONLY place on the fridge where we are allowed to hang artwork now.  I also bought a set of eight magnets.  Having two children (who create art) and eight magnets allows each child to have two pictures up at any time.  When Little Sis begins creating, we will just make the bulletin board bigger.

This kitchen bulletin board is working perfectly for us to organize the children's artwork. 

Pictured above you can see the sticker collage and bear made from hearts that Brother made.  Big Sister made the rabbit from hearts and drew a butterfly.  (You can see more about the heart crafts if you wish.)  
I think this picture proves I need to declutter our fridge!!

How do you minimize cute craft clutter in your home?

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  1. We use our fridge as a picture display also! =)

    i like the idea of marking off the fridge with one area for art work. My oldest is producing A LOT of it these days and we have papers scattered all over the house. That seems like a good and useful idea!

  2. I love this idea! I'm finding I have to be more and more disciplined as art clutter collects! This year Rosie's teacher has been keeping the majority of her artwork to put in a book for year end. I have mixed feelings since I miss seeing the work, but sadly she will have it better organized than I would ever hope to. Now...I have to share two of my favorites....

    L'il Davinci Art Frames. I have 2 of these frames from L'il Davinci and they are very sturdy and worth the money. I bought a different brand at Target and it is flimsy but the price was more affordable. Also, I signed up for a coupon, watched for a sale, etc. I need to order a couple more but just haven't gotten around to it.


    And my new favorite....Art Wire.

    I made one about 6 1/2 feet long for Rosie's play room for less than $18 and I had parts left over to make a second one for under $5. The Pottery Barn version is a bit out of my budget comfort zone but it helps that Sean knew the parts that I needed to make my own and took care of it. It's hard to pay too much for something he can just make for me!

  3. Great idea!

    We've been using the clothesline and clothes hanger method, but I really like this idea, too!

  4. I like your idea. It defines the space and looks really neat.


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