My Heart Is Like a Zoo Book and Crafts

Oh my, My Heart Is Like a Zoo, by Michael Hall has captured my heart and my kids' hearts, too!  It's simple and yet the story and illustrations are so captivating, and not just for children.  The text is a series of similes.  "Silly as a seal."  "Hopeful as a hungry heron fishing for a snack."  If reading that does not make you smile the illustrations will!

May I suggest that you go right now and check out the trailer for My Heart Is Like a Zoo?  Don't forget to put your volume on.  Though no one is narrating the book, the music is a perfectly wonderful accompaniment.  If you like what you see consider buying it or requesting it at your local library.  I know we'll enjoy this book every Valentine's Day and even throughout the year.  After making the crafts below, Big Sis already wants to make more crafts.  I look forward to her own animal creations, too, instead of just copying the book.  My Heart Is Like a Zoo is certain to be an inspiration for a long time!

Check out the heart crafts we made this morning!  Big Sis copied from the book and Brother wanted my help to copy from the book.  Brother loved "angry as a bear"; instead of focusing on the anger, we made "hungry as a bear."  Big Sis liked the bunny, so she made "frightened as a rabbit."
Big Sis drew little hearts for eyes and a larger heart for a nose.  Can you see that she bent the rabbit's ears to make it a bit three dimensional?  I love her cleverness!  Brother and I added eyes to his bear.  He wanted a mouth (in addition to the blue area that was supposed to be a mouth), so we added a tongue.

Of course you do not need this great book to be inspired to make creatures from hearts.  Will you or your children be making any heart-inspired animals for Valentine's Day?

Want to see another cute heart animal craft?  Check out our Owl Valentine, made from heart shapes!  Also check out all of our children's crafts.

Thank you, Greenwillow Books for providing us a copy of this great book for review purposes.  All opinions are my own.


  1. We are going to make a turtle. I found some ideas in our Big Backyard magazine.

  2. This looks like a wonderful book, Annette. I wonder if our librarians know about it. Sending them your blog link. Cute trailer, too.

  3. How CUTE!!!! I love Greenwillow books, too!

  4. We love that book too - so sweet and a great inspiration for crafting!

    Thank you for sharing on Kids Get Crafty!


  5. I love the bunny and the bear! Too cute!
    We made heart kitty cats... We might have to try a bear or bunny next time!

  6. I love the bear! What a great book to share with kids and Valentine's Day. Thanks for sharing at Mom's Library!


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