Heart-Shaped Apple

It's the simple things that thrill my children.  For that, I am thankful.

To go with our fettuccine Alfredo dinner last night (now complete with photograph if you, like Ticia, were waiting on that to pin it...smiles) I "carved" an apple into a heart shape.
It was actually quite simple.  I cut off one large side of the apple.  It was pretty much a circle shape.  I made a little triangle in the top and then rounded the tops.  I tapered the bottom to a point and then attempted to fine-tune the edges a bit more.  I was surprised at just how easy it was.

The reaction?  Brother ate his without noticing, but Big Sis was thrilled with the heart-shaped apple!  


  1. You score again! Maybe if I just spend some time around you these things will rub off on me....

  2. Annette, I tried this yesterday, and my children loved it - thanks so much!


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