Grocery Bag Storage

Plastic grocery bags have many uses in our home.  We reuse, and often re-reuse, them.  (We also use the reusable shopping bags...just in case you were wondering.)
  • my husband's lunch (He brings them home to be reused again after his pile is big.)
  • bathroom garbage bags
  • scooping kitty litter
  • dirty diapers (We gave up on the Diaper Genie with Brother's arrival.  We place the dirty diapers in a grocery bag, tie it, and promptly take it out to the outdoor garbage can.) 
To reuse plastic grocery bags, it is best if they have a home.  I'm sure you've seen the fabric tubes.  They work great.  I keep one hanging in my pantry.  However, until yesterday we did not have a home for all of the garbage cans upstairs unless you count bags just being thrown under the bathroom sinks.
I doubt I am the first one to think of this, since tissue boxes often get repurposed, but yesterday morning I realized that an empty tissue box would work great as a storage container.  This is a Puffs box with the plastic on the top, but I'm sure any ol' tissue box would work!  I rolled up the grocery bags, one at a time, and placed them in the tissue box.  Now they are contained and ready to use, when needed!

The best part is that it is already pretty!  Not that many folks have need to look under our bathroom sinks, but when I look, I can smile.  That counts for something, right?


  1. I was just lamenting my current plastic bag storage. Since we started using the reusable bags for groceries, I find I have only a few plastic bags, but I still want to keep them for future reuse. This is certainly more stylish then our current plastic holder :-)

  2. That's great! We do have a plastic bag storage thing that hangs from our ceiling, but it doesn't hold all the bags. We do use them for garbage bags and other things.

  3. THAT is a great idea! It also works out very well for us in our temporary housing (where our plastic bags are filling up a drawer.) Once I'm done going through this box of Kleenex (thank you, cold!) we're so doing that!

  4. This is great idea :-)
    Thanks for popping by my blog and leaving a nice comment on my laces post :-)

  5. I just re-purposed the empty wipes box that has been hogging up space on my changing table-no more shouting for a plastic sack (okay, at least for the next two weeks or promises that I will promptly refill it!) thanks for the idea!

  6. Holy Moly! Now this is a great idea! We have tons of plastic bags that are always so jumbled in the drawer. I am going to try today!!!!

  7. I used to do this, but now we just put them in a larger plastic bag that hangs on the garage door.


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