Friday Favorite Five #8

I have really been enjoying participating every week in the Friday Fave Five.  In this rather repetitive, and typically not noteworthy, life as a stay at home mom, it helps me to focus on the positive, and more specifically, the blessings I have been given.

1. A day (few hours) out with the kids.  Monday I spent several hours out with just Big Sis and Brother at a play place.  We had not done anything like it before, and they had such fun.  Bonus: A couple of my friends were also there!

2. A CLEAN bedroom.  Last Saturday (and a bit of Sunday) I spent cleaning our bedroom.  It was bad...but it's completely refreshing to finally have a clean room.  If you don't mind seeing clutter, you can look here for the fuller story.

3. My mother-in-law visiting.  My husband's mom is visiting for a long weekend.  Our families are well over 4 hours away, but she visits fairly often...and she never feels like "company."  Bonus: Grandma and Grandpa will actually be here Saturday and Sunday, too.

4. A field trip with Big Sis.  With my MIL in town, I was able to go on my first field trip with Big Sis.  (Siblings are not allowed.)  It was actually really neat to see a bit of behind-the scenes of where service dogs are trained.  (I even picked up a few brochures to give to Brother's neurologist when we see him in a couple weeks since the service dogs are able to be trained to sense seizures.)  But really, the blessing was just being there for Big Sis.

5. Freedom.  With my MIL being here, I was able to go on the field trip and run several errands on Thursday.  All. By. Myself.  Ah....freedom!  Nothing like browsing the children's books at the library on my own.  Simple pleasures!

Thank you, Susanne, for hosting Friday Fave Five at Living to Tell the Story so I can record some of these sweet blessings of life!


  1. What a blessing some time alone is!

  2. There are all kinds of play places out now that we didn't have when mine were small. So glad you got to experience one!

    It's so neat to hear that having your mother-in-law there doesn't feel like having company. I hope my kids' spouses will feel the same way. Glad you got to go on the field trip and have some shopping time alone.

    The bedroom looks nice!

  3. Your bedspread is gorgeous. It is pampering and refreshing to sleep in a cleaned up room. Cleaning my bedroom is on my to-do list for the weekend. I won't post pictures though as I don't want there to be proof of how messy I really am. ;)

    How fun to have time with just the older kiddos. I imagine they really enjoyed having that attention from you.

    What a blessing to have your mother-in-law visit so often. The relationships between your kiddos and her must be strong. My mom used to visit frequently (before her death) and her bond with my kiddos was a joy to watch. She's been gone 11 years now and her influence is still felt by the kids.

  4. It's great getting to look at books all by yourself! :) I'm glad you got to spend special fun time with your little ones.

  5. Oh ho ho!! Your MIL sounds fabulous!! So glad that she is able to be there and bless your family in this way. That's HUGE!

    Hope y'all have a delightful weekend together!

  6. You are so right about clean = refreshing! Your week sounds terrific with and without kids, with and without company :-)

  7. It's such a blessing to have involved grandparents, isn't it?? glad you had your MIL to visit...I love when mine visits....and yay for alone time to browse books. Your quilt is pretty...there's nothing like getting cleaned up! have a good weekend!!

  8. What a blessing for your children to have their grandparents. It made me smile when you said that you used your free to browse the children's section of the library.

    How special to be able to go on a field trip with your girl. I always wished I could attend more of those when my kids were little. I'm sure she loved having you there!

  9. Being a grandparent, I know that the blessing is a win-win-win. The kids love having the grandparents there. The grandparents love being there. And you love the company and freedom.
    About the clean room--we don't use shams or decorative pillow either. My husband will make the bed if there are no extras to deal with. And I like the crisp look of the comforter spread up over the pillows.


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