Friday Favorite Five #6

1. Derek.  My husband is always on top of things.  He had our taxes prepared (himself) before the month of January was even completed and the refund is now in our savings account.

2. Others' blessings.  Two of my friends are expecting babies.  It's wonderful news, but during these days they are also in need of much prayer.  And a different (mixed) blessing, my friend, Carrie, may be displaced from her home due to a burned chicken/smoke damage (not fire), but her home and family are okay though much may need to be replaced.

3. Books!  I had the opportunity to buy a big bag of books last weekend for just $5.

4. Figuring out that Mondays are a good opportunity to craft with the kids.  It helps break up the day so that we enjoy ourselves (and fight less).  This week we made the love rainbow craft.  I think we may do something food-related or another heart craft this coming week.

5. My dining room is clean.  A couple weeks ago we had friends over.  Between our two families, we had to use the kitchen and dining room to eat (instead of just the kitchen).  I cleaned it before their arrival, and I am thankful to say that it has NOT been a dumping ground since then.  It has remained clean!  Hopefully it will continue to stay clean, too.

Bonuses. Little Sis had her four month appointment (a bit early) Thursday.  All is well, as expected.  She weighs just over 13 pounds and is 23 inches long.  Both are about the 50th percentile.  Spent Thursday late afternoon sick and promptly went to bed upon Derek's arrival home.  It was good to nap in the evening.  Little Sis also slept the evening away after her vaccinations.

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  1. Carrie is expecting?!!

    It's funny that I could have mostly wrote that list this week(with a few minor changes)! My bag of books was $7. It was an exciting day. ;)

  2. No! (Or at least not that I am aware.) I just went back and reworded...

  3. It's nice to have taxes done so soon! That's my husband's domain and the poor guy hasn't had a chance yet.

    I know what you mean about dining tables getting piled up on. We don't do that so much any more but with every other available surface it's an almost constant battle to keep them clean.

    Glad Little Sis is doing so well. Hope you're both feeling better.

  4. A bag of books for $5 -- doesn't get much better than that, does it?! Here's hoping you have ample time this weekend to enjoy some of them!

  5. You gotta love a husband that does the taxes before he even has to!

    And a clean dining room is always a highlight.

    Enjoy your bag of books!

  6. I've visited Carrie's fave five already so it was good to get a little more insight into what happened to displace them out of their home. Yikes! Yippee for taxes getting done and a refund already...I'm impressed. Have a good weekend.

  7. *I"m so laughing*

    ;D hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!

    Ahem. I'm glad that baby allowed you to sleep when you were sick.

    And for the record, I am not expecting. But you WOULD be one of the first (two) to know if I were!!!

  8. A big bag of books for $5! I would so be all over that!

    Yeah for taxes being done. That is on my agenda for today. Hubby has been after me to get my dayhome tax reciepts out so that our taxes can get going. Guess I better get with it because that refund in the account sure sounds good! :v)

  9. Oh, a $5 bag of books! Sweet.

    I am amazed that Little Sis slept after the shots. Usually mine were miserable and cried more.

  10. What a good idea your love rainbow craft turned out to be. I like the idea of making it into a prayer list. The next time my (10 yo)niece and I want to craft. I am going to suggest this.

    How fun to make Mondays craft day. I used to do lots of arts and crafts when my kiddos were little. This week my niece and I made owls from clay. She is giving her owl to her sister who turns 16 on Valentines day. I will put a magnet on mine and give it to my daughter. I hope I never outgrow crafting. lol

    How awesome that your hubby has the taxes done and the refund is already in the bank!

    Wahoo on a clean dining room.It feels so good when there is order. I think I should invite people over. Then maybe my table top would get cleaned!

    have a blessed week.


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