Friday Favorite Five #5

I've had a very full, very busy week.  So blessed...

1. Beautiful weather leading to a hike at the park.  On Monday I saw the great forecast for Tuesday and planned to pick Big Sis up from preschool and head to the park with all three children.  By myself.  It was wonderful.  It was also my first walk since Little Sis's birth in October.  (And, yes, I did stop the children before they were too far away from me.  See the specks of red and purple below?)  Oh, it was over fifty degrees!
2. Lack of insomnia.  I lose sleep regularly...hours at a time, especially recently after Little Sis awakens during the night, though it was happening long before her arrival.  In the past week, I have only had one incident.  Thankfully, it was even on the same night as Brother's.  (He is often up around 4 a.m., though he typically stays in his room until he hears one of us in the hall.  Then he asks if it is morning-daylight- yet...repeatedly...because that is when he can get in bed with me.)

3. An incredible dedication service at my church celebrating the completion of the new addition and remodeling the sanctuary.  It honored God in every way.  I was moved to tears pretty early on...

4. Little Sis content to be out of my arms.  Finally.  I have had such freedom in the past few weeks since Little Sis (age 15 weeks tomorrow) is now allowing us to put her on the floor or Exersaucer to play.  It was a long road...and I am grateful for this new freedom.  I can now fold a load of clothes or even feed the Big Kids when she is awake without her crying.

5. Friends.  I have had the blessing and privilege to spend time with several wonderful friends in the past 10 days or so.

Bonus. The great response to Giveaway Week here at This Simple Home.  For a new little blog, I am really thankful for the readers' response to the giveaways I am having this week.  (They are open through Tuesday if you are interested!)  Thanks so much for reading!

Those are a few of my favorite things this week.  You can join the fun whenever you like over at Living to Tell the Story or just to read others' favorites.


  1. Being able to get out in the sunshine is such a huge boost this time of year, and getting together with friends always is.

    Glad you were able to get some good sleep and the little one is being more content in other venues than Mommy's arms. I used to call those first several weeks after a baby Zombie Days. :-)

    The dedication service sounds wonderful.

  2. You've done a great job advertising in a way that gets it noticed without being annoying.

    YEAH for less insomnia, I agree it TOTALLY sucks.

  3. Getting out for a walk was on my faves list too. You had a great day and great place to walk. It's always good when you can have even a couple of minutes without a baby in your arms although holding babies is truly lovely.

  4. That walk looks very refreshing. I am about ready for one! Your other blessings are good too. Enjoy the weekend!

  5. love all your faves especially the hike in the park one!! and yay for babies who are ready to be put down!! that's awesome!! I just entered your kingsbury book giveaway and my mention will be up soon under a book review I just did!

  6. Insomnia is something I struggle with too. So, I can really relate to how awesome it is to get regular sleep. Getting regular sleep is such a blessing!

    How awesome that your church has a new addition and remodelled. I just prayed for new and continued ministry opportunities for you all. :)


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