Children's Book Worm

We do read a good amount of picture books in our home.  Some days we read many books, but other days when we are away we may only read (out loud) at bedtime.  Most days, I am thankful to say both children request that we read to them throughout the day.

I was excited to read about Everday Family Living's 100 Children's Books in 2011 Challenge.   (A great site for family fun ideas!)  I immediately thought about how fun it would be to keep track of reading one hundred books and the fun it would be for Big Sis and Brother to see what one hundred would look like.  It would also encourage the children to choose 100 different books!

Back in my teaching days, I would often create a visual aide to help my students get excited about a countdown to an event.  I brainstormed how we could count up to 100 books, recording each title somehow.  Then I thought about creating a book worm and knew that was the idea I wanted to see to the end.  The other ideas I considered (briefly) was a paper chain or flower patch.  Each petal on a flower could have a book title on it.

In a few days' time, we had read nearly twenty books!  Making the book worm was fun and easy.  
My children had a blast using our 1 1/2 inch hole punch to make 100 little circles!  
I demonstrated to both children how to use the hole punch after cutting strips of paper to help them.  They took turns using it, Big Sis helping Brother until he was able to do it on his own.  (Big Sister had pajama day at preschool that day.)  They worked together while I made dinner, smiling the whole time!
 To help Big Sister count 100 circles for the book worm, I had her count out ten stacks of ten circles-just like counting pennies!
Once we had 100 circles, I made two piles, and paper clipped each pile.  I placed the circles in a baggie with a pen and star stickers so that we have easy access to everything we need to fill out a circle upon reading a book.
I know worms do not have little antennae, but they added some needed personality.  You'll notice that the some of the circles are less than perfect.  I don't mind; the children cut them.  Big Sis wanted to write the titles, The New Pen and Lucy the Lamb.  

I really wanted to encourage Big Sis to read for the book worm, too.  So each time she reads a book aloud (she's only five, even if only to herself), she gets to put a sticker on the title.  Just in case you are wondering, she did not read the original chapter book 101 Dalmations (but we do intend to read that as a read aloud soon), but a Disney picture book.  Big Sis loves adding the stickers to the book worm!

To minimize the upkeep for the book worm, after writing a title down (and adding the sticker, if appropriate) we put it back in the baggie.  The blank circles are paper clipped together, so about once a week I tape the circles together and then attach them to the larger book worm!  I suspect we only remember to write about half of the titles we read, but it's still fun!

If you have your own 100 book challenge, a great way to get the kids motivated and rack up some books is to have a book party!  A book party can really add a lot to a book worm!

Are you up for a 100 book challenge?  


  1. Great way to encourage reading books. That book worm is adorable!

  2. I LOVE it!

    I keep forgetting that you were a teacher. (Well. ARE a teacher!) Everytime you say that I feel better about my general lack of inspiration. I'm happy to be inspired by you.

  3. This is such a great idea! My kids would enjoy adding all their books they read to make a long worm. I also love your book party idea. Books are a big thing in our family too! Thanks for sharing.


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